Taking Stock – The San Francisco 2018 Edition

Taking Stock San Francisco 2018

I know, right? Taking stock in the middle of month – this is a most irregular turn of events. But the truth is that my whole trip to San Francisco was pretty irregular in that it was somewhat spontaneous, spent mostly solo  and turned out to be thoroughly action packed. So now that I’m finally back on Australian terra firma, I think now is a good a time as any to take stock, San Francisco style!

Feeling: Like a lucky ducky to be back in San Francisco.

Making: Memories. I’m all about experiences not things.

Eating: My way around San Francisco.

Drinking: An Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista.

Irish coffee The Buena Vista

Remembering: My  favourite scoops of San Francisco.

Adding: Some new places to eat ice cream like Garden Creamery in the Mission.

Garden Creamery San Francisco

Trying: My first Kouign Amman at B’s Patisserie

Salivating: Over this maple glazed bacon apple donut from Dynamo Donuts.

Dynamo donuts - bacon donut

Popping: My cruffin cherry at Mr Holme’s Bakehouse.

Staying: At the White Swan Inn. It’s my home away from home in San Francisco.

Taking Stock - White Swan Inn

Celebrating: Our  14th meetaversary and David’s 4th strokeaversary San Francisco style!

Tasting: All the deliciousness at See’s Candies – there’s always free samples!

See's Candies San Francisco

Discovering: Yummy middle eastern food at The Old Jerusalem

Exploring: The food of the Mission on a Secret Food Tour of San Francisco.

Admiring: Street art of the Mission district. The neighbourhood is like a big urban canvas.

Secret Food Tour San Francisco - street art

Crossing: So many things off my Things to See and Do in San Francisco list.

Spending: Time in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park and feeling very zen about it!

Japanese Tea Garden SF

Visiting: The museums of San Francisco – I’m such a culture vulture!

Chasing: Butterflies at the California Academy of Sciences

Butterflies California Academy of Sciences

Seeing: An albino alligator for the first time at the California Academy of Sciences.

Marvelling: At the wonder that is the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunset cruise.

san francisco sunset cruise adventure cat 8

Channeling: My inner geek at The Exploratorium After Dark  with Kat.

Returning: To the Exploratorium with David because I loved it so much!

Meeting: Keith – Trash Automata Artist. We watched this genius at work at the Exploratorium’s new exhibition, Curious Contraptions.

Exploratorium Keith Newstead

Admiring: Walt Disney – there’s a pretty amazing back story to the man behind the mouse at the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Getting: My art on at SFMOMA – it’s my new favourite modern art museum.

SFMOMA sculpture garden

Snapping: The Halloween houses of San Francisco. These San Franciscans really know how to Halloween.

Finding: Mrs Doubtfire’s House and it was all kitted out for Halloween!

Mrs Doubtfire's house

Loving: The San Francisco weather!

Liking: Wandering the streets of San Francisco – it takes real estate porn to a whole new level.

Disliking: The hills and the homelessness. The former hurts my legs and the latter hurts my heart.

Saying: G’day to the seals at Pier 39.

sunset-cruise-san-francisco-adventure-cat 2

Posting: To instastories like it’s going out of fashion!

Wanting: This Donald Trump pinata!

Donald Trump pinata

Watching: My first ever basketball game. It’s so much fun and so totally extra.

Winning: A Golden State Warriors tee in the T-Shirt toss (yes, that’s a thing) at the game!

Golden state warriors

Fangirling: Over the Golden State Warriors.

Buying: These Barack Obama postcards. Love, love, love!

Barack Obama postcards

Regretting: Not buying a Christmas decoration from San Francisco. Wah!

Enjoying: A night out at Beach, Blanket, Babylon

Laughing: Very hard – this show is so San Francisco!

Beach Blanket Babylon

Taking: Lyfts here there and everywhere.

Riding: The bus, train and light rail like a boss! My personal favourite is the old fashioned street car!

street car San Francisco

Using: The Muni mobile app – it makes public transport in San Francisco so cheap and easy!

Reading: The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine and The Summer Seaside Kitchen by Jenny Colgan.

Listening: To the Teacher’s Pet podcast.

Walking: Across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. I wasn’t so keen on the height and lack of barriers but was very keen on the view!

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

Running: The inaugural Halloween 5K in San Francisco – loved the free beer at the finish line!

Catching: Up with Gabriella and Burrito (best dog name ever!)

G and Burrito

Patting: Burrito and the other dogs of San Francisco. They’re so many of them and they’re so darn cute!

Living: My sweetest dreams at Candytopia.

Exploring: The spectacular Muir Woods.

Taking stock Muir Woods

Needing: To wire my jaws together when I get home!

Wishing: We could get peanut butter M&Ms in Australia!

Thinking: It’s probably a good idea that we don’t have these in Australia because they’re totes irresistible.

peanut butter m and ms

Gaining: Weight and quite a lot of it.

Considering: Doing the 5:2 diet.

Thanking: My past self for packing stretchy pants.

Saving: Santa a seat at Macy’s Union Square.

Saving Santa a seat

Noticing: The smoke from the bushfires on our last day in town.

Hoping: The fire can be stopped quickly. High five to those first responders – what an amazing job they do.

Wondering: How I’m going to find the time to blog about all these amazing experiences!

Flying: Qantas and loving it.

Dreaming: Of how soon I can come back to San Francisco.

Leaving: My heart in San Francisco again!


Have you ever left your heart somewhere? What do you like to see and do when you’re travelling? What would be top of your list of Things to See and Do in San Francisco?

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