Taking Stock – June 2020

cavoodle on a beach

I’m in a state of denial/disbelief that we’re over half way through the year. I must say 2020 so far has been the year that keeps on giving… And not in a good way.

That said, with the easing of restrictions here in New South Wales, we’ve been adjusting to a new “normal” and making the most of our good health and our new freedoms! 

Before I jump into July, I’m going to take a breather and take stock of all the joy in June. I’d love it if you joined me! 

Cooking: These Tuna Meatballs with Pasta – they’ve been a regular feature on our dinner menu!

pasta and tuna balls side

Eating: Food, sitting down in a restaurant. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it! 

Drinking Negronis back at The Foxtrot Inn our favourite cocktail bar.

negronis and fries at foxtrot

Reading: Wish You Were Here by Jo Tracey and Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton.

Interviewing: Jo on this month’s Author’s Corner – she’s a dead set legend. 

Watching: Season 5 of Queer Eye on Netflix and both seasons of False Flag on SBS. Top notch viewing!

Finishing: Both seasons of Shtisel and feeling a little bereft about it! 

Crying: Watching The Dog House on 10Play.  It’s heartbreaking and heart filling all at the same time! 

Enjoying: The easing of restrictions.

Keeping: Our iso-habit of Cheese Board Fridays. It’s one habit we’re happy not to break.

Cheese Board Fridays

Noticing: How much busier it is everywhere.

Feeling: A bit snotty and coughy so taking a Covid test. It’s the responsible thing to do in the midst of a pandemic.

Waiting: For Covid test results – 36 hours of cabin fever – I’m pleased to report they’re negative.

Trying: To wait to put up the tree for Christmas in July but failing miserably.

Teddy sitting by Christmas tree in July

Rearranging: The lounge room to accommodate the Christmas tree and David’s desk. It’s a bit like furniture tetris.

Taking: A drive to Kurnell over the long weekend. There’s nothing like a bit of Vitamin Sea and a good dog beach!

cavoodle at kurnell dog beach

Liking: Winter sunshine.

Disliking: The rain. No one likes a soggy doggy. 

Catching: Up with friends over beers or burgers.

burgers and fries plan b

Loving: The camera on my new iphone 11. It’s a game changer! 

Playing: With our puppy “cousin” Jackson the labradoodle. It’s made me very poody (like broody but for a pooch!) 

Attending: An out of ISO dog party as Teddy’s +1 so much fun!

out of iso puppy party

Sharing: My list of puppy basics – it’s the ultimate guide for new puppy pawrents.

Washing: Teddy often. Sadly, he has a penchant for mud. 

Opening: Parcels for Teddy Roosevelt.

Wearing: These Teddy Roosevelt earrings. Jesseline from Cacty Craft is so clever.

dog earrings

Braving: The elements with Teddy’s pram and rain cover!

Dressing: Teddy up in canine couture.

Needing: An intervention before Teddy has more clothes than me! 

Smiling: At Teddy Roosevelt and @mrteddyelliot sharing the pram. Two Teddies are even cuter than one!

two oodles in a pram

Asking: Myself what I took stock (and pictures) of before I got a dog…

Marvelling: That Teddy Roosevelt is 11 months old already. Where did the time go?

Teddy Roosevelt 11 months old

Walking: Everywhere with Teddy.

Thinking: That Teddy and his brother have the same smile.

teddy and henry

Wishing: My social life was as good as Teddy’s!

Spending: Time with friends, it’s good for the soul. 

Training: Outside with Kathy.

outdoor training

Returning: To the gym.

Hoping: That the saying “if it hurts, it’s working” is true because it really hurts!

Falling: Over. I hurt my arm and my knees but my pride got the biggest bashing!

Visiting: The hairdresser and the nail bar for essential maintenance!

highlights at hairdresser

Submitting My final TAFE assessment.

Crossing: Fingers that I pass.

Knowing: That I won’t be flying to the UK in August after all.

Wondering: When we’ll be able to travel overseas again. 

Worrying: About my mum.

Planning: A pet friendly getaway to the Hunter Valley next month. 

So now I’ve told you about my June, won’t you tell me about yours? I’m all ears! 

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