Taking Stock – June 2022

Japanese style fans in rows against a wooden backgroun

June was short and for the most part, sweet! There was good food, good times, good doggos and even a weekend escape to the capital.

So in the spirit of full and through reporting, here is the month that was in a bloggy nutshell.

Cooking: Things that aren’t pies in the pie maker.

Eating: Out more than usual. So many people to catch up with and so little time.

Drinking: Our way through our wine stash.

Making: This Penny the Poodle Birthday Cake for Not Quite Nigella. She’s the cakey cousin of Fifi that I made for my friend Lucy, earlier in the month.

pink birthday cake in the shape of a poodle covered in white marshmallows with licorice legs

Baking: This buttermilk birthday cake – it’s so easy, so delicious and holds it’s shape so well.

Creating: This Wally the Whale cake for my friend Eve. Nothing makes me happier than making a birthday cake!

whale cake on a silver board with recipe book showing how to make in background

Borrowing: This birthday cake book from the library – hoping I can order a copy once I get to the UK.

Sharing: Five of our favourite dog friendly beaches on the Central Coast.

Giving: A little update on the big move.

Entertaining: Friends at home – grazing boards are always a hit!

dog standing on coffee table licking his lips trying to get to a cheese board
photo credit: @notquitenigella

Weekending: In Canberra.

Stopping: On the way to say hello to the Big Merino!

woman holding a small dog in her arms being dwarfed by the big merino

Staying: In this Airbnb in Canberra for the second time – it’s that good!

Dining: In our favourite spots in the capital.

Catching: Up with our friends who moved to Canberra.

Watching: The Peanut Butter Falcon – such a beautiful movie! Highly recommend!

Lamenting: The end of Hacks. I can’t wait for season 3.

Seeing: An American in Paris at the theatre. Such a treat!

Going: To the cinema for the first time since 2019! Top Gun – Maverick was totally worth it.

Reading: Rachel’s Holiday… But very, very slowly!

Relistening: To The Shrink Next Door. I had forgotten how bonkers it all was!

Swapping: Dogs – Teddy Roo went to stay at Teddy Elliott’s and then Teddy Elliott stayed with us.

two small curly dogs wearing matching puffers with white, red and black stripes

Loving: The two dog life almost as much as these two love each other!

Starting: To sell off/give away all our worldly goods.

Unsubscribing: From lots of fluff in my inbox.

Discovering: A new dumpling place in our hood – too bad we’re moving in a couple of months!

wontons in chilli sauce

Realising: My time to complete my 101 Things in 1001 Days is almost up! Eeeep!

Wearing: My oodie. It’s so cold.

Tasting: All the yum at The Little Shop of Waffles.

three waffle sundaes in a line outside a window that says Little Shop of Waffles

Stressing: Out about Teddy’s transport.

Remembering: To breathe.

Trying: To sit with discomfort and uncertainty.

Deciding: On a moving out date from our apartment.

Marvelling: At the sunsets. They have been totally epic.

Knowing: That we will definitely miss this view!

sunrise with moon

Wondering: When we will have a flight date.

Waiting: To book flights to and accommodation in the UK.

Ticking: Things off my to-do list. It’s very satisfying.

Getting: An eye test and new specs.

Attending: A Jack’s Creek butchery masterclass and beef themed dinner as the guest of Not Quite Nigella

a butcher in a black apron and black cap holds a hammer steak in one hand and a small piece of marrow from the bone in the other

Adding: All the big things I want to see to our road trip spreadsheet!

Finalising: All the accommodation for the big road trip.

Liking: Treats from home via Aldi. English chocolate tastes soooo good!

Disliking: Cold mornings.

Missing: My mum.

Thinking: Of her every single day.

Raging: At the Supreme Court’s decision in the States.

Feeling: That the world is all a bit bonkers right now.

Did you have lots of joy in June? Tell me all about your month in the comments!