Taking Stock – December 2023

Happy New Cheer one and all! Hope 2024 has been good to you so far. I’m a bit on the back foot because here I am well into 2024 taking a look back at 2023. We had a December to remember for all the right and some of the wrong reasons but I thought I should document it for posterity. Yes friends, it’s time to take stock so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Making: Caramilk fudge, Rocky Road Wreath and these delicious little Christmas pudding treats!

Baking: A delicious blueberry loaf – recipe coming soon!

Eating: Our way round Budapest enjoying all kinds of Hungrian deliciousness, like this langos with sour cream, bacon, red onion and cheese.

Drinking: Baileys on ice!

Leaving: On a jet plane for a wonderful winter escape to Budapest.

Worrying: About how small the plane was – I’m not used to these baked bean tins with wings!

Staying: At the beautiful Hotel Moments in Budapest. I highly recommend!

Spilling: The beans about our winter escape to Budapest here.

Enjoying: The Christmas markets in Budapest.

Swapping: Hungarian for French on Duolingo… so much easier!

Listening: To Christmas tunes – I just can’t get enough!

Singing: Along to all our favourite Christmas tunes at the pub sing a long.

Hanging: Our stockings on the fireplace.

Waiting: For Santa. Yes, I’m still a believer!

green white and red stockings on white mantle

Watching: All the Christmas movies and some cracking Christmas Norwegian series.

Recommending: Home for Christmas and A Storm for Christmas – so, so good!

Playing: Bingo at our local. I didn’t win but I did have a lot of fun.

Catching: Covid for the first time. I guess I’m not a Covid unicorn after all.

Wishing: I had been able to join friends Christmas at a local pub for friends’ Christmas dinner.

Isolating: While everyone else was feasting. Wah!

Missing: Out on family Christmas too in Newcastle as David was poorly. Christmas Day was a sad affair.

Feeling: Like there was a lot of missing out in December between both David and I being out of action.

Seeing: Our old friends from London/Sydney – so much fun!

Having: Fun with friends old and new.

Opening: Christmas cards and doors on my Bonne Maman advent calendar. Look at my gift from door 24!

Wondering: What to do with 17 mini pots of jam… All ideas welcome!

Lighting: The candles on our menorah because we’re a multi faith family and that’s how we roll.

Getting: Our annual family festive photo in matching jumpers.

Marvelling: At our photographer – Hanna always creates some Christmas photo magic.

photo credit: Bourne Photographic Studios

Snapping: Pictures of the beautiful wreaths on the old doors around town. I’m obsessed.

a baby pink front door with a christmas wreath hanging on it by a red ribbon

Loving: The Christmas Tree House in town. Terrible pic but you get the idea…

a four storey house with 2 windows on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor with 1 window on the ground floor. It is dark outside and in every window there is a Christmas tree that is lit up

Liking: Cosy nights by the fire.

Disliking: The weather – it’s been absolutely feral!

Publishing: The recipe for this Rocky Road Wreath. It’s only taken me a few years LOL!

Joining: Sherry and friends for the December edition of In My Kitchen.

Buying: A couple of decorations for the tree from Budapest – this Hungarian Pulli dog is my fave.

Putting: The Christmas linen on the bed for the last time. Sob!

Thinking: I sleep better in Christmas sheets. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

Wearing: A Christmas jumper a day, every day for the month of December.

Dressing: Teddy up in Christmas jumpers too!

Walking: Teddy and his pal, Ruby. Don’t they make a cute couple?!

Channeling: My inner Elsa with my Frozen inspired nails.

Spotting: These amazing nacreous clouds – so pretty!

Looking: Forward to a happy, healthy and peaceful new year for all.

Now I’ve told you about my month, I’d love to hear about yours. Tell me everything in the comments!