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Orange and Walnut Flapjacks

With a hint of orange and the crunch of nuts, these flapjacks are a totally tasty treat. I am a bit obsessed with marmalade. I think it's in my genes. My nana used to love marmalade, in fact, I [Read More]

Cousin Lucy’s Fantastic Flapjacks

  Makes 12 These 4 ingredient flapjacks are so easy and taste oats so good! Everyone loves Lucy! Especially me (and not just because she's my cousin!) As you can see from this [Read More]

30+ Flourless Sweet Treats

This flour free recipe collection includes slices, cakes, cheesecakes and bliss balls, so there is something for everyone.  I don't know about you but I'm finding that a bag of flour is about [Read More]

Taking Stock January 2020

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming the new year/decade and here we are (almost) at the end of the month already. Eeep! January was a very mixed bag and I'm not sorry to say goodbye to [Read More]

Skye’s Pear and Almond Christmas Mince

Use this delicious pear and almond mince to make all your Christmas favourites. I am so grateful to reader Skye for this delicious recipe. It's super simple to make in the Thermomix or on the stove [Read More]

Taking Stock – April

It seems like I only took stock 5 minutes ago, but here we are again, it's time to take stock like  Pip did. April was pretty ace, I have to say but I'm totally ready for the yay of May! Reading: [Read More]

Quit While You’re Ahead

The days begins with kitchen chaos. I attempt to put yesterday's cake crisis behind me and look ahead to a better day and a better bake! I forego barbells for baking this morning, because a birthday [Read More]

Plans and Pans

It turns out, the herbs are on hold, I've got to get busy with the baking. I'm lucky enough to see Heather again tomorrow, but this time at the salon, it's time to get my hair honed to perfection and [Read More]