Taking Stock January 2020

taking stock January 20

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming the new year/decade and here we are (almost) at the end of the month already. Eeep!

January was a very mixed bag and I’m not sorry to say goodbye to January and embrace all that February has to offer. But before I launch myself into a new month, I’m going to grab a coffee and take stock of the old one. I’d love it if you joined me! 

Putting: Down the Christmas tree. I wish I could keep the tree up all year long but at least I had a ‘helper.’

taking down the christmas tree

Eating: Mostly plant based and vegetarian food and cooking my way through my Meatless Monday archives! 

Drinking: Less wine and more water.

Snacking: On grapes. As always.

Revamping: This Mexican Corn and Bean Stew – it’s a real box ticker – vegan, cheap, easy and totes delish.

close up mexican corn and bean stew

Sharing: Another 10 revamped recipes in this month’s 10 on 10 post.

Making: The most of daylight savings – soon I’ll be back to making dinner at lunchtime just so I can get a decent photo.

Baking: Flapjacks of all kinds – I’m a bit obsessed.

Sharing: Three of our favourite dog friendly wineries in the Hunter Valley. 

sobels winery

Sneaking: Off on a day date while Teddy was getting desexed. 

Riding: The new light rail and feeling like a tourist in my own town.

Discovering: Hidden bars in Manly – The Cumberland is a real hidden gem and the cocktails are next level! 

Cumberland Manly cocktails

Staying: At home while Teddy recovers from being desexed.

Worrying: About Teddy’s post operative recovery. I’m such a helicopter dog mum!

desex dog collar

Laughing: At Teddy’s post operative attire – he’s rocking his donut and onesie collar (and they stop him getting to his stitches.)

Frequenting: The vets a little too often for my liking. Poor little pupper has had two overnight stays this month.

Teddy at the vets

Thanking: My past self for getting pet insurance. Our policy has already paid for itself!

Filling: In forms to officially register Teddy. 

Needing: To learn to crochet so I can make one of these for Teddy.

crochet hat dogs

Feeling: Sick about the bushfires and how they’ve destroyed homes, wildlife and whole communities. My heart really hurts.

Donating: To various charities. It makes me feel a little bit less helpless.

Admiring: Celeste Barber. Her fundraising efforts are mind blowing.

Loving: How people have come together to donate to Australia and how Australians have rallied.

Liking: The Aussie spirit – I really don’t think anyone comes together in a crisis better than we do. 

Disliking: Our leader who’s not really leading us at all. #notmyprimeminister

Wearing: My emotional raincoat a lot these days. Sigh.

Wishing: For rain. Don’t you love it when wishes come true?

Smashing: Open my Terramundi pot – I found 11 English pounds in change inside and the wish I made way back in 1998! I’m pleased to report it came true! 

Terramundi wish

Coughing: Here, there and everywhere.  

Taking: A potent cocktail of antibiotics, cough syrup and my Auntie’s Champion Chicken Soup. 

Knowing: There’s a reason why they call that soup Jewish Penicillin.

Hosting: Our god kids for a sleepover. They’re huge Teddy fans.


Spending: A disproportionate amount of time in pyjamas and not feeling a bit sorry about it.

Enjoying: The televisual offering on Amazon Prime. 

Wanting: To see so many movies at the cinema, so many films and not enough time. 

Crying: At the video for James Blunt’s new song MonstersI can’t watch without tissues.

Buying: My own copy of Just MercyI think it’s a book that everyone needs to read.

Watching: Just Mercy at the movies. It’s nearly as good as the book and that’s saying something. 

Reading: Young adult fiction and loving it, especially It Sounded Better In My Head by Nina Kenwood.

Listening: To all the Christmas tunes on Spotify. Still.

Seeing: Louis Theroux live. He was everything I imagined he’d be and more.

Louis Theroux State Theatre

Coveting: Louis’ book Gotta Get Theroux This.

Celebrating: Our 13th anniversary early as I’m going to be away on the big day. Wah!

Exploring: Bars, breweries and eateries of Newtown.

Taking stock January 2020

Volunteering: At lunch at the Asylum Seekers Centre. It’s been way too long between visits!  

Booking: A trip to the motherland to see my mum.

Looking: Forward to seeing my mama.

So that was my month, how was yours? Tell me all the things! If you had a Terramundi pot, what would you wish for?

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