Christmas Rocky Road Wreath

This Rocky Road wreath is all your Christmas sweet dreams come true! This Rocky Road Wreath has been my "speciality a la maison" at recent Christmases and it's so easy and so delicious, I don't [Read More]

Taking Stock – November 2023

I honestly don't know how it got to be December already but here we are. We are well into winter here in the UK and although it's been cold, there has been plenty to warm the cockles of our hearts. If [Read More]

In My Kitchen – November 2023

It's the first of December - can you believe it?! Because I can't! The first of the month means it's time to link up with Sherry and friends for this month's look back at in my kitchen. I'm very [Read More]

Bramley Apple Bars

These yummy apple cake bars go great with a cuppa or in a lunch box. The houses in our street were all built at different times. The earliest builds were at the bottom of the street and as the [Read More]

Taking Stock – October 2023

With everything going on in the world, I really haven't felt like writing anything this month. However, taking stock is my bloggy constant and so here I am. Baking: A jam sponge pudding in my new [Read More]

In My Kitchen – October 2023

Well October flew by in the blink of an eye and I'm back for this month's In My Kitchen with Sherry and friends. I'm not going to lie, I've been very heavy hearted this month. The news has really got [Read More]

Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir Fry

Packed with veg, this quick and easy chicken stir fry is a healthy version of the Chinese restaurant classic. I love a good sweet and sour dish as much as the next person but the batter and the [Read More]

Taking Stock – September 2023

This year is flying by so fast, I can hardly keep up! September was so busy but it was definitely a September to remember for all the right reasons. As usual, before I get excited about a (nearly) new [Read More]

In My Kitchen – September 2023

How can it be October already? September seemed to fly back in the blink of an eye. September marked one year in my UK kitchen/s. Can you believe?! Anyhoo, the first of the month can only mean one [Read More]