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International Food Fest

It's such a joy to go to work these days and I know I'm lucky to love my job this much. My office is in a great spot in the city and I have great colleagues who are wonderful to work with, and this [Read More]

Shower Power

Monika's baby may not have arrived but the day to have the baby shower certainly has! It's pretty exciting. Let's think pink - there's balloons, there's banners and there's baby baking ...and lots of [Read More]

Thermomix Fun

I'm up early because it's going to be one very busy Saturday! There's always work to do in the kitchen and today, I burst into action with some of those super quick and easy Top Banana Fairy Cakes and [Read More]

A British Bake-a-Thon

Another lazy morning and the sun is shining so I take advantage of the situation and go out for a run. I don't know what we do this morning but the time flies by and before we know it it's lunchtime! [Read More]

Manic Monday

“Celebrate  Your Existence!” -          William Blake 8 weeks on from surgery, 3 weeks on Thyroxin and my body clock is now well aligned. It knows it’s my Monday off and sleeps in accordingly! But, [Read More]