Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas morning and I wake up to sunshine and a whole heap of presents. Bizarrely, David and I have bought each other almost identical presents – pyjamas, gym kit and a whole heap of yummy stuff to eat. David also gives me a whole heap of very cute cookie cutters to kick start my collection – cupcakes, monkeys and some Christmas cutters too – what an eclectic collection! I can’t wait to get creative with them in the kitchen tomorrow.

It’s such a beautiful day, we don’t want to miss the sunshine so after we open our presents we head off to our local beach, Balmoral. We’re pretty lucky, it’s only a short bus ride away so we’re soaking up the rays with our bottle of bubbly and our packet of crisps (how’s that for a classy breakfast?!) before you can say “happy holidays.” Balmoral is a harbour beach so the water is pretty calm so I pluck up the courage to take the plunge but man, it’s cold. My sea faring adventure is seriously short!

We stay for as long as it takes us to polish off  the wine and crisps and then have a long, leisurely walk along the promenade.  After living in London where public transport is non-existent on Christmas Day, we really appreciate the luxury of being able to hop on a bus on the 25 December. Every year, the local bus depot decorates one bus a la Christmas. It’s the cutest thing with a mountain of tinsel inside and out, and a lorry load of decorations all over it. I saw it on the street yesterday and was so excited I could have jived with a jelly baby and so I’m secretly hoping I’ll ride it today. But that’s one christmas wish that doesn’t come true. It’s a bus, it’s got 4 wheels and it goes, but it’s not Christmassy! Oh well, that’s something to look forward to next year!

Back at the ranch, we shake off the sand and hit the sofa for a siesta before David takes on the title of the Kitchen King and makes the best roast dinner ever. Even though I’m not Christian, I gleefully throw myself into the spirit of the season, celebrating Christmas with my beautiful tree, getting my gorgeous gifts and then tucking into a perfect pork dinner. I’m such a bad Jew! Anyway, we have a champion festive feast with Roast Leg of Pork with Apple Sauce, Perfect Roast Potatoes, David’s Best Ever Yorkshire Puds and I contribute some Carrots with Spiced Butter for good measure. It’s a Christmas feast fit for a King or even a Queen. We finish off with some of that Cookies and Cream Cheesecake which is chilled to perfectio,