Heart Two Heart

In my pursuit of another eight hours quality sleep, and after retiring later than I should, I decide to pass on the early morning exercise and work on the premise that I’ll still have the energy to go tonight.

Work is super busy and it’s all go when I get home. I am a domestic whirlwind getting through a whole list of chores and still managing to throw together a Coleslaw for dinner and make some Chocolate Heart Cakes for tomorrow. After all, Valentines comes but once a year! I’m really excited to use my little heart cake tins for the first time but I think they are a bit smaller than the ones in the recipe because I have enough mixture to make a few cup cakes too. What a bonus – now I can really share the love tomorrow!

I still have time to make it to my Basic Training class with minutes to spare. The morning classes are only 45 minutes long and the evening class is an hour and boy, those last 15 minutes are punishing! However, I’m on fire and loving it and steam round the circuits. I’m having the best time!

When I get home, grub’s almost up as David is on dinner duty tonight. As David’s mum doesn’t eat red meat, we’re diversifying and trying turkey burgers tonight. David’s Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Onions are a huge hit. The onions are the star of the supper! We finally finished the Sour Cream and Blueberry Cheesecake Slice so tonight I’m thinking fast, fresh, fabulous for dessert and go for Sweet Lime Mangoes with some vanilla ice cream on the side. It’s so simple and such a super summer dessert. 

I still have to decorate my Chocolate Heart Cakes. Unfortunately patience isn’t one of my strong points and I haven’t melted my chocolate quite enough, so instead of having drizzled chocolate I have big lumps of it all over my cakes! Worse still, I’ve “drizzled” the chocolate in the shape of a “Z”  which wasn’t intentional, I was just trying to be  arty (and failed, obviously) so now it looks like my cakes have been made by Zorro! The moral of  this story is more haste, less speed! But after all it’s Valentine’s so I’m sure the cakes will taste divine!