New Nikes and Nuclear

It's like four seasons an hour today. I wake up to sunshine but an hour later, when I go to the hospital, it's grey and blowing a gale. I swing by the Prof's office to drop off baked goods and give [Read More]

Quit While You’re Ahead

The days begins with kitchen chaos. I attempt to put yesterday's cake crisis behind me and look ahead to a better day and a better bake! I forego barbells for baking this morning, because a birthday [Read More]

Nifty New Nikes

Tim at Nike She Runs is a man true to his word. A courier  arrives inbetween my morning appointments with precision timing bearing a Nike goody bag. I am quite beside myself with [Read More]

Bill’s Cake for a Crowd

Serves about 10-20 This cake is a classic and it's one bowl wonderful! I love a cake with ingredients that you can just chuck into a bowl and get perfect results every time. This is one recipe that [Read More]

Sugar and Spice Shortbreads

Makes 20 (depending on size of your cutters) Quick, simple and egg free – and they keep in the cookie jar for up to a week! Go crazy with your favourite cookie cutters! Check out my 3 minute [Read More]

Plans and Pans

It turns out, the herbs are on hold, I've got to get busy with the baking. I'm lucky enough to see Heather again tomorrow, but this time at the salon, it's time to get my hair honed to perfection and [Read More]

Cousin Lucy’s Fantastic Flapjacks

  Makes 12 These 4 ingredient flapjacks are so easy and taste oats so good! Everyone loves Lucy! Especially me (and not just because she's my cousin!) As you can see from this [Read More]

From Zero to Hero

I'm determined to be focused and positive this week and I'm full of it this morning when I brave Basic Training at 6am. I can't bear to miss Kathy's class! IT sets me up nicely  for my busy day [Read More]

Quick Flat Roasted Chicken

(low iodine) This fool proof roast is quick, easy and tastes amazing! I have to admit I am not a fan of cooking roast dinners although I am very enthusiastic about eating them. When I cook meat, [Read More]