Why I love Christmas in July

I think I'm the only Christmas loving Jew I know. I don't practice any religion but I do practice Christmas, and I do it good! I do it real good! There's something about Christmas that really rocks [Read More]

Good Food + Good Wine = Good Time

It was a  really rainy day but the errant weather was not going to dampen our enthusiasm for our annual excursion to the Good Food and Wine Show.  We first came to the Show in 2011 and loved it so [Read More]

Endos and New Beginnings

See this chair? It's at the Endocrinologist's office. I kept it warm for the best part of an hour and a half this afternoon while I was waiting. Cancer is a waiting game in so many ways. Today I am [Read More]

Thermomix Baked Beans

In this house eating breakfast for dinner is totally legit. We call it "brinner" and it rhymes with "winner" for a very good reason. Beans are often the hero and almost always feature in the best [Read More]

Thermomix Lemon Polenta Cake

This cake is inspired by Nigella's Lemon Polenta Cake and I'm thrilled to be able to convert it to make it Thermomix friendly. Nigella says that this cake is “a contender for teatime comfort and a [Read More]

Letting Go is Hard to Do

I am a hoarder by nature. I can't help it. I'm a Cancerian. I'm constantly asking myself the question, "to chuck or not to chuck?" Invariably, the answer is "not to chuck," because I never know when I [Read More]