Taking Stock – November

Taking Stock November

It’s almost the end of November which means two things… Christmas is a-coming and it’s it’s time to take stock just like Pip did. Let’s do it!

Making: Triple Chocolate Fudge. Three kinds of chocolate, that’s thrice as nice!

Triple Chocolate Fudge 4

Baking: My way through the archives. My new old favourite is this Apricot Sour Cream CakeIt’s an oldie but a goodie!

Eating: We’re still on the salad train. I need to take out shares in a rocket farm.

Drinking: To bubbles, not troubles.

Trying:  To get through my last of the 101 things in 100 days. Yesterday, I tried my first spin class. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life.

Reading: Like a ninja. I’m going old school with Danielle Steel’s The ApartmentI think the last time I read one of her books, I was 16.

Remembering: All my favourite bars in San Francisco. It makes me feel thirsty just thinking about it.


photo credit: Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar

Wanting: An Elf on the Shelf.

Looking: Forward to hosting our next set of visitors.

Deciding: What’s for dinner. Meal planning makes me happy!

Holidaying: At Mackerel Beach. No cars,  just sun, sea, sand, a wonderful holiday house and a splash of patchy internet. It might be my first time but it won’t be my last.

Mackerel Beach

Waiting: To put up the advent calendars. Not long now! Squee!

Liking: Gold Class. It is hands down the best way to see a movie.

Disliking: Recent election results. As Cher would say “If I could turn back time…”

Wondering: How a nation as large as America, can’t find two presidential candidates that people genuinely liked and/or respected.

Knowing: That whatever happens, love trumps hate.

Wishing: Barack Obama could be POTUS forevah!

Discovering: 3 baby kittens in my back yard. It was like being in my own episode of cat rescue!

cats - taking stock

Enjoying: Putting the Christmas tree up. I don’t think there is such a thing as too early!

Loving: Having a weekend of offline fun with my online friend, Karin, she who podcasts like a boss. We wined, dined, laughed and set the world to rights but did not get one decent photo of us together!

Buying: This churros maker. I’m dangerous at deep frying so this nifty little gadget will keep me in churros and out of A&E for years to come!

Watching: We just finished Undercover. You can’t beat some good old fashioned British drama.

Marvelling: At the amazing art work at Sculptures of the Sea. Mind blowingly good!

Inge King, Celestial Rings i 2014, Sculpture by the Sea

Admiring: Vicki – have you seen her new business A Box Of? So awesome!

Celebrating: 5 years of blogging with a giveaway.

Hoping: There will be another five more. At least.

Giving: Away a box of Sun and Shine. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

A box of... Sun and Shine

Cringing: At some of my early blog posts. The cringe factor is high.

Feeling: Blessed, with good reason. Yesterday we celebrated our 12th meet-a-versary and David’s second stroke-a-versary. Yep, they fall on exactly the same day!

Learning: To knit. I accompanied my friend to her mammogram and she taught me to knit while we waited. True story!

Bookmarking: All the things in my camera manual.

Needing: To get blood drawn and scans done for my annual check up this Friday. Eeep!

Thinking: Positive about said check up. If you have any to spare, please send good vibes for Friday.

Wearing: My new Cinderella bracelet. Thanks to Karin, I feel like a real princess. Disney Couture is totally a thing! Who knew? Not me!

Disney couture

Following: Free Hugs Project on Facebook. Because I too love is stronger than hate and hugs are a great healer.

Meeting: Nicole from Champagne and Chips. We totally set the world to rights over tea and scones.

Tea at the Tea Cosy

Noticing: How good it is to eat out with bloggers. Everyone knows the code: Photos before food!

Getting: My first mammogram – oh, so squishy. Check your boobs, ladies!

Running: Rings around Sydney. This view never gets old!

Taking Stock November Beautiful Sydney

Coveting: One of those mad Christmas tree bundt tins like Nigella has. When I win the lottery…

Hearing: The sound of silence. When I’m home alone, I love it!

Opening: Happy Mail. I have the most creative pen pal in the world! Look what she sent me for Halloween.

Happy Mail

Sending: My parcel for the FMS gift exchange.

Snacking: On bagel chips and pesto. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Helping: Share The Dignity this Christmas with the #It’s in the Bag campaign. My two bags are good to go! There’s still time to donate a bag of your own, collection points are open until 3 December!

Share the dignity

So as you can see, November has been really rather action packed, and it’s not even over yet! I hope your November was one to remember and for all the right reasons. What’s been happening in your world? Tell me all the things!

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