Taking Stock – February 2021

cavoodle and chihuahua sitting next to a toy red rose

Pinch, punch, first of the month and all that! Before I march into March I think it only fitting that I reflect on the love fest that was February. Although it’s the shortest month, for me it felt like it lasted for the longest time and not in such a bad way either. To be honest, these days I have no idea what day and often even what month it is – ah, those pandemic feels! Anyway, here we go, February in a blog post – let’s take stock! 

Making: Pancakes for Pancake Day. I even made some for Teddy!

Cooking: All my favourite curries for a fun evening with friends. 

Revamping: Some of my old favourite recipes and making them new again like these Oven Baked Fish Fillets.

oven baked fish fillets with chips and peas

Drinking: Iced long blacks. It’s my new favourite thing. 

Chaperoning: Teddy to his first prom! 

row of small dogs in prom costumes on high school stage

Enjoying: Having 3 dogs for a couple of nights when Teddy’s friends, Coco and Cali came to stay! 

Needing: A big  house so that I can have my own dog sitting empire and be surrounded by all the dogs!

3 cavoodles one dark brown one light brown and one cream

Reading: The To-Do List by Mike Gayle.

Feeling: Inspired by Mike’s list. Note to self – update my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days.

Watching: Superstore on Netflix and absolutely loving it. 

Remembering: All the delicious dog friendly places we discovered in Canberra.

dog sitting at a high table next to a pint of beer

Marvelling: At the wonder that is Frozen – The Musical. It was absolutely spectacular! 

Wearing: A mask to the theatre. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, so 2021!

Bookmarking: Ideas for milestone birthday gifts – so many of my friends have big birthdays this year. 

Returning: To The Tea Cosy for a lovely afternoon tea. It’s been way too long between scones. 

Old fashioned parlour with high tea stand

Opening: Happy mail AKA Dog shopping

Celebrating: Our 14th wedding anniversary – I just don’t know where the time goes!


Looking: Back over the past 14 years – what a crazy ride.

Loving: This anniversary card from my mum – it’s so 2021!

pandemic anniversary card with two pandas on the front

Accompanying: Teddy to a plethora of puppy Valentine’s events. He’s a popular guy! 

Loving: My new embroidery hoop from Chilly CreatesI’m totally obsessed with her work! 

embroidered hoop of a cavoodle sitting next to a christmas tree

Liking: Long, light summer nights.

Disliking: The news. I just can’t deal.

Discovering: A local French market and dog friendly too!  It was magnifique!

dog in front of old fashioned bike and flowers

Wishing: I’d got my act together and played the 30 Day Minimalists Game – guess I can start today and make it my March project! 

Giving: Up on the impossible dog puzzle. It nearly broke me! 

Smiling: At these beautiful flowers. I married someone who doesn’t believe in flowers but luckily have friends that do! 

bunch of pink flowers

Weekending: In Newcastle.

Exploring: All the dog friendly things to see and do in Newcastle with Teddy Roosevelt.

Noticing: How much has changed in the 20 years I’ve been visiting.

Getting: A generous dose of Vitamin Sea.

cavoodle sitting on rocks with ocean in background

Catching: Up with old friends while we were in town.

Laughing: At Teddy and his friends on their zoomies call. Also so 2021!

dogs on zoomies call

Thinking: Back to this time last year when I was in the UK. Can you believe?

Joining: A travel exemption Australia FB group! Also so 2021!

Wondering: When we’ll be able to travel overseas again and how different it will be.

Hoping: It won’t be too long before I see my mama again.

Telling: Myself to just take one day at a time. 

So that was my February, how was yours? Are you feeling the love? Do you know what day it is? Tell me all the things! 

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