Taking Stock – December 2021

I know I’ve already posted my Year in Review posts and it’s already 2022 but here I am fashionably late with my Taking Stock for last December. Insert “face palm.”

Life has really gotten in the way of my keyboard the last few weeks but if I don’t take stock of the month, did it even happen? So here it is, last December in a nutshell and better late than never!

Making: These perfect little puddings – they’re my Christmas favourite.

Renees Perfect Puddings

Baking: Dairy free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – nom, nom.

Cooking: A roast dinner for Christmas Day. You can take the girl out of England but you can’t take England out of the girl!

Eating: This Felafel Salad at least twice a week – it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Fabulous Felafel Salad

Drinking: Apple Pie Baileys – it’s dangerously good!

Tasting: All the beers at One Drop Brewing with Sanch and David.

Noticing: That despite catching up dozens of times, me and Sanch have never had a photo together.

Pledging: To rectify the lack of photos sitch in 2022.

Rounding: Up these 10 incredible edible Christmas gifts.

Watching: All the Christmas movies!

Reading: Wrapped Up in You by Carole Matthews.

Listening: To all the Christmas tunes.

Visiting: Sugar Republic and having a sweet old time.

woman standing behind pink counter with large jars of candy

Opening: The doors on my wine advent calendar.

Closing: The door on 2020. Never have I been more pleased to see the end of a year!

Enjoying: A great weekend away in Terrigal with great friends.

a man and a woman standing close together on a beach on a cloudy day with the ocean in the background. The man is holding a cavoodle wearing a lifesaver rashie.

Finding: All the best dog friendly places in and around Terrigal. I can’t wait to share them with you all.

Twinning: With my friend Lucy – with matching dresses, earrings and pups in twinning outfits!

two women wearing matching Christmas dresses each holding a cavoodle

Liking: The change of scenery – you know what they say, a change really is as good as a rest.

Disliking: How our premier likes to play the cool dad. There is a time and a place for that and here and now is not it.

Receiving: My third booster dose and very grateful for it.

Catching: Up for a dog mum’s Christmas lunch before Covid went wild.

Loving: My mum’s memorial jewellery which arrived just in time for Christmas.

a pendant and a ring in boxes with a handwritten card and white silk pouch

Thinking: How much my mum would have loved these pieces and how chuffed she’d be that they arrived for Christmas.

Noticing: How everyone is wearing masks inside and out. It’s very reassuring.

Hosting: Our dear furiend Teddy Elliott for a sleepover.

Getting: In the picture with the annual Santa Paws photo!

Wondering: When all “this” is going to end. I’m over it, to be honest.

Searching: For rapid antigen tests – they’re about as rare as a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

Booking: Nothing. Making plans makes me nervous these days.

Lighting: The candles for Hanukkah at home and on holidays.

a curly haired and a straight haired cavoodle both wearing kippot in front of a menorah lit with all candles

Laying: Very low this festive season.

Staying: In is the new going out, don’t you think!

Helping: Our friends with dog duties while they were in iso.

Remembering: How good dumplings taste with a lovely late birthday lunch at The Gardens by Lotus. Such a treat!

three bamboo steamers each filled with a different dumpling

Sending: Egreetings instead of paper cards – saving money and trees.

Donating: To our favourite charity Pets of the Homeless instead.

Missing: My mum. So much.

Stressing: Out about the daily case numbers.

Trying: To take (and worry about) one step at a time.

Farewelling: The s**t show that was 2021.

Celebrating: NYE in the afternoon with friends because we’re wild like that!

Going: To bed after the 9pm fireworks – living the dream!

Preparing: To get our place ready to sell in January.

Decluttering: Like a boss.

Managing: My Marketplace and Freecycle account is almost a full time job!

Thinking: That this post is a bit all over the place – a bit like my brain!

Hoping: That 2022 is a big improvement on 2021.

Wishing: You a new year full of good health, good fortune and good things!

So now I’ve told you about my December, I’d love to hear about yours. I hope it was a December to remember for all the right reasons.