Madeira Cake

This traditional British cake makes me super nostalgic. Who can resist that light vanilla sponge with just a hint of lemon? Not me, that's for sure. In fact, Madeira cake reminds me of my Auntie [Read More]

Old -Fashioned Cherry Cake

This simple loaf cake is cherry delicious! Mary Berry says that the secret of a good cherry cake is to have the fruit evenly distributed rather than it all sinking to the bottom. I've never quite [Read More]

Old Fashioned Walnut Cake

This cake is an oldie but a goodie. I've updated the recipe with some new pics and put the traditional recipe and the Thermomix conversion all in one place. You're welcome. Nuts are really good for [Read More]

Pumpkin and Ginger Tea Bread

Serves  10 For something slightly different this Halloween, you might want to try this lightly spiced Pumpkin and Ginger Tea Bread.  Since I came to live in Australia, I've developed a [Read More]

Donna Hay’s Marble Cake

This marble cake is a riot of colour and a treat for your tastebuds! Marble cake really reminds me of when I was a kid. I was a big fan! The classic marble cake has chocolate and vanilla swirls but [Read More]

Banana and Cinnamon Muffins

Makes 12 In my fruit bowl, I'm always looking for the Goldilocks banana, you know, the one that's not too green, not too spotty, just right, Or should I say just ripe? That said, there are times [Read More]

Double Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

Makes 25 large squares With an abundance of dark and white chocolate and a generous addition of raspberries, these brownies are both delicious and decadent. This is one of the first recipes I [Read More]

Anzac Slice with Golden Icing

Makes 32 This is an oldie but a goodie and it's one of the first Anzac delights I ever baked. It's the perfect tea time treat because it's simple and cheap to prepare and uses just a few store [Read More]

Orange and Poppy Seed Cake

Serves 16 Orange and poppy seeds were made to go together in this deliciously simple cake. The blog archives are a cake written testament to how much I love baking with oranges - just check out [Read More]

Choc-Chip Jaffa Muffins

Makes 12 Chocolate and orange are one of my favourite flavour combos and these muffins are orangey-boom! Everyone is going to be a-loving these muffins! Ingredients 2 ½  cups (375g) [Read More]