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10 on 10 October

Before I crossed the international date line and then crossed hemispheres, I had a very busy (and very delicious) month in the kitchen. Every month this year, I've made 10 old recipes new again and [Read More]

All Appliance Saturday

Today, I'm going to enjoy a little of what I fancy and I don't waste any time! I'm up bright and early and stretch my legs with a 5km rock around the block before hitting the scales hard with a [Read More]


The worst thing about weekends is that they are over way too quickly, especially long, lovely ones such as this! We check out of the hotel and head out of town. Orange, you've been awesome! We take [Read More]

Back to Back

It's an early but exciting start to Thursday. I'm making my comeback at the gym. I haven't enjoyed my fortnight bad-back induced gym exile but it's true what they say, absence does make the heart grow [Read More]

Home-Made Magic

It's the moment I've been dreading. Weigh in at Weight Watchers. It's the stuff frayed nerve endings are made of, especially, as the new way of working means I have to weigh in with the leader!  The [Read More]

Sneaker Heaven

Today and yesterday: a tale of two seasons! Yesterday it was seriously summer, and today it's woefully winter. It's dark, it's gloomy and it is raining like it's going out of fashion. I am quite a [Read More]

The After Glow

I'm up and fully wide awake at 4am. My brain is busy and open for business and has no intentions of shutting down. Trying to sleep is like fighting a losing battle so I admit defeat, get up, surf the [Read More]

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I can't get up for work, let alone Basic Training. I feel like I've gone back in time to the Zombie-Zone when I was sans thyroid and drug-free - totally and utterly cream crackered. It takes [Read More]

A “social visit”

My day gets off to a super start with an hours boxing with Kathy. Granted, my arms feel like they could drop off any minute, but apart from that, I feel tip top. Anyway, I remind myself, that pain is [Read More]

Taking Stock – October 2023

With everything going on in the world, I really haven't felt like writing anything this month. However, taking stock is my bloggy constant and so here I am. Baking: A jam sponge pudding in my new [Read More]