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Family fun, run and sun!

So much for having a rest, Sunday is fast and furious! We pop over to see Ryan, Kari and the kids who are back from their holidays. It seems like we haven't seen them for ages, so it's fun to catch [Read More]

The Last Day of Iodine

Sunday starts with a bit of baking with some yummy Apple and Raspberry Muffins. They may not be low calorie but they're packed full of good stuff and are deliciously moist. I go iodine free [Read More]

Lost in Lincoln!

  While mother takes the dog for a walk, I prepare tonight's dinner which comes courtesy of the slow cooker. I'm recycling lots of recipes from the blog chez maman - I just pop the computer on [Read More]

Sneaker Heaven

Today and yesterday: a tale of two seasons! Yesterday it was seriously summer, and today it's woefully winter. It's dark, it's gloomy and it is raining like it's going out of fashion. I am quite a [Read More]