Auntie Sandra’s Lokshen Pudding

Serves 6 This baked noodle pudding is delicious warm or cold, on it's lonesome or with a side of ice cream. I bet know what you're thinking, a noodle pudding is a paradox! But it's a very [Read More]

Toodle Pips 2011

It's New Years Eve and the last pump class of the  year. We're like pumping sardines in that studio - everyone must be really taking this last chance training to heart! Today, it's so busy, we don't [Read More]

The End of an Era

Annie was right. The sun comes out today - in full force. I go to my last Basic Training class of the year and it's glorious. I go fast and I go hard and I have absolutely nothing left in the tank. I [Read More]

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Actually, the sun comes out today. Now  I remember why I love Summer! Seeing the sun shining makes it a whole heap easier to get out of bed and get to the gym for my training session with Kathy at 6 [Read More]

Holidays End

As stoved off as the city was on Saturday, is as quiet as it is today. It's like a ghost town and eerily silent. But who am I to complain? I have almost a whole train carriage to myself and there's no [Read More]

Apricot Sour Cream Cake

  Serves 8 - 10 I've just started a beginners photography class. It's hard teaching this old dog new tricks. Let's just say, I'm never going to be the star student, but I have got off auto, I [Read More]

The Third Day of Christmas

I'm up with the birds again - those new drugs must be really kicking in and giving me some well needed superpowers! I've got so much to do and so little time in which to do it today so without further [Read More]

Soy and Sweet Chilli Fish

This 4 ingredient baked fish recipe is quick, easy and totally delicious. This is an old recipe but it's a goodie and it's always on high rotation at our place. It's one of those recipes that takes [Read More]

White Bean Dip

This white bean dip is vegan, low iodine, gluten free, dairy free but full of flavour. Basically, all you need is a can of cannellini beans and a food processor/Thermomix and you're good to go! This [Read More]

Donna Hay’s Apricot Tarts

Serves 4 These 4 ingredient tarts are quick, easy and totally delish. You can make them in minutes with a handful of kitchen staples and whatever fresh fruit you have to hand. I used apricots [Read More]