The Third Day of Christmas

I’m up with the birds again – those new drugs must be really kicking in and giving me some well needed superpowers! I’ve got so much to do and so little time in which to do it today so without further ado, I’m off to the shops to stock up on some supplies. Filling up the larder is easy but the fresh stuff is a bit thin on the ground. Grrrr! I’ll have to make a return trip later.

When I get home, I quickly throw together some Low Fat Hummus, White Bean and some Sweet Chilli  Sour Cream Dip. The thing I love about all of these is that they’re so quick and easy to prepare and take about as long as it takes the food mixer to take a couple of spins!

Then I’m off to my last Body Pump class of  the year! Seems like everyone else has the same idea, the place is totally stoved off! It’s an auspicious day today as I finally get back to lifting my pre-operative weights -yay! I’m back in business! I’m feeling mentally and physically stronger every day. I’m literally pumped to the max after the class – it feels wicked!

Later, I do a bit more prep for dinner – I’ve got five people coming tonight; Pippa, Colum, Adam, Leda and Jane, (Adam’s mum,)  plus me and David so that makes 7! I usually get freaked if I have to cook for more than 2 so this is quite a challenge! However, I’m unphased as 7 is my lucky number so I’ll take that as a good omen!

It’s a busy afternoon, we head out for that return trip to the shops, where I’m happy to say the shelves are fully stacked and my shopping mission is successfully completed. We stop off for a coffee on the way back and when we get home quite spontaneously, we decide to book flights for a trip back to Blighty. We realise that we only have a small window of opportunity for long haul travel in between check ups and realise that between the 3 and 6 month medical markers is the most opportune time. It’s perfect timing and not too long to wait! After what seems like months of missing out and putting real life on hold, it’s so great to be getting back to “normal” and now, to have something to look forward to! We can’t wait to see our family and friends!

Before long the guests arrive. The Sweet Chilli Sour Cream Dip is a sure fire hit and my most successful dip to date! For mains, we feast on Soy and Sweet Chilli Fish with steamed rice, Asian Coleslaw and Pippa’s gorgeous Greek salad. Desert is a bit of a disaster. I look at the picture of Donna Hay’s Apricot Tarts and think it’s puff pastry and surge ahead and defrost said sheets accordingly. However, when I go to make the recipe, it says shortcrust! Aarrgh! Lucky, I have some shortcrust on standby and wait patiently for it to defrost. Desert is yummy but mine looks nothing like Donna’s and I’m sure the recipe book has a typo, that pastry has  to be puff. The pastry problem is by the by, it’s still an awesome evening and an excellent end to a cracking Christmas! Back to work tomorrow, yeeha!