Another Day, Another Photo

I checked in last week with my progress on January's Body Springclean, so it seems only fair to keep you posted on what's clicking with  Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day. I'm keeping up to date with both [Read More]

Meatless Mondays

Ever since we watched the thought provoking Forks Over Knives, we've been consciously trying to eat less meat and more vegetarian dinners. It just makes honest to goodness wholefood sense. What's [Read More]

Body Springclean Update

Well the Body Springclean is up and running. And, more to the point, so am I. Even the record high temperatures haven't deterred me from my new improved healthy regime! Having said that, even I [Read More]

Thermomix Chicken Katsu

Serves 4 Katsu is a Japanese curry where the chicken is breadcrumbed before cooking. I like this version because it’s relatively low fat, and low calorie because the chicken is baked and not fried! [Read More]

Salad Nicoise

Serves 2 very generously I love this salad, it's packed with protein, fresh and filling. You can just as easily make this salad in a bowl but I just think it looks showstoppingly (yes, I totally [Read More]

A photo a day keeps the doctor away

The first week of the year  has already finished and I've still got my 2 challenges on the go. I'm going great guns with Jo's January Body Springclean and I'm also keeping creative with Fat Mum Slim's [Read More]

Thermomix Chickpea Curry

Serves 4-6 We love a curry in a hurry and this is one of our favourites. It's cheap, it's quick, it's easy and most of the ingredients are pantry staples. This curry is so vibrant, so authentic and [Read More]

January Body Spring Clean Challenge

I haven't quite made any resolutions - so many things I want to achieve and only 364 days in which to do them! I just don't know where to start! So I've decided to stop making resolutions and just [Read More]

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

We had a lot of fun saying goodbye to 2012. So did the other 1 and a half million people  by the looks of things. Judging by the crowds, Sydney is the NYE mecca of the world. I don't think I have ever [Read More]