Meatless Monday – Mini Veggie Frittatas

Makes 9 frittatas A while back I asked my facebook peeps what to feed a baby shower mumma with gestational diabetes. I asked and the people of Facebook answered. I was inundated with ideas, all of [Read More]

Taking Stock – the End of Year edition

Pip from Meet me at Mike's started the Taking Stock series and I love it so. I've taken stock a couple of times this year, in January, then in June, post holiday in October and here's the last stock [Read More]

Christmas Hedgehog Slice

Cuts into about 30 squares This festive Hedgehog Slice is for life, not just for Christmas!  Hedgehog slice is one of my favourite things. It's  kind of a cross between fudge and a rocky [Read More]

More Liebster Lovin’

So do you remember a while back, Jim and Christina from Mr and Mrs Romance nominated me for a Liebster Award? The Liebster award is a blogging award  given to bloggers by bloggers. It's like the [Read More]

A Good News Day

photo credit LaurPhil via photopin cc I don't get stressed before I get my results anymore but I totally feel like a fourth Musketeer. You know, on guard. Especially when we get to the pointy end of [Read More]

Thermomix Rudolph the Reindeer Cookies

Makes 12 I saw these Rudolph cookies in an old AWW copy of Christmas Baking. As I am a fan of the Lazy Girl of Cooking, I decided to simplify them some and make them in my Thermomix. They're packed [Read More]

Testing, testing

photo credit Phillip Jeffrey  via cc  photopin I wouldn't have an action replay of the last 10 days for anything. I won't lie, inbetween looking for the flip side, I've  wanted to stamp my feet, [Read More]

November, what a ride!

November was so memorable for so many reasons! We got off to a flying start with the Rebel Run at Olympic Park. It was the first run we'd done together on home turf for like, forever, and it was [Read More]