9 Reasons to love Little Blog Big

A few weeks ago I bookmarked this post on how to rock a blogging event. Well, last week, I went to a blogging event and I rocked it. So did Christina and Carly - they of the Little Blog Big [Read More]

Taking the Leap

Last Monday I heard about a possible job opportunity. On Tuesday I went for an informal interview for a job that may or may not materialise. On Wednesday I handed in my notice. On Thursday I packed up [Read More]

Meatless Monday – Savoury Pancakes

I  missed Pancake Day this year and I've been trying to make up for it ever since. Especially since I bought a shiny new pancake pan from Aldi. It's taken my pancake making to a whole new level. This [Read More]

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #15

It's been a pretty big week round here. The weather was wild on Monday and Tuesday, I resigned on Wednesday, filed my tax on Thursday and finished work on Friday. I know, I can hardly keep up myself. [Read More]

She’s So Inspiring – Laura Sobiech

My life has been touched by some uber amazing women whose passion for life and the way they  choose to live it have really inspired me. Some are bloggers, some are not, their lives are all different [Read More]

Making Memories with Momento

I  love taking photos. I am not just happy, I am snap happy. But here's the kicker, I'm really good at taking photos but I'm not very good at storing them. My photographic storage solutions are [Read More]

20 Things about Me

I'm totally loving that 20 Things About Me thing on Instagram. I'm naturally nosey so I love finding out all the things (or at least 20 more of them,) about my friends. However, although I've been [Read More]