Taking Stock – June

Taking Stock - June

June has been rather jolly, full of fun, food and frolics. I can’t believe that July’s almost arrived, but before it does, quick,  let’s take stock like Pip did.

ReadingThe Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes. So much for passing it on to my mum before I left the mother country. I must be the slowest reader in the world.

Making: Disney running costumes. And when I say “making”, I mean delegating and getting someone else to make them.

Baking: Up a storm for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. This year’s menu included this banana breadTop Banana Cupcakes and these Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies.  So much yum!

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Wining: Red wine of all kinds. Winter is the weather for it.

Dining: At home mostly. But only because it’s too cold to go out!

Bookmarking: All the things to see, eat and do in Disneyland, Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle and San Fran. I’m pinning like a crazy person!

Remembering: What a jolly time I had in the mother country.

Thinking: That we better get a wiggle on. Only 65 days until we run Sydney to Disney. Cripes! I see a lot of running (and sore legs) in my future.

Feeling: Grateful for all the donations for Running Sydney to Disney for the Stroke Foundation.

Hoping: We can reach our fundraising target. Only $1,161 to go!

Wishing: That Kid President was running for office. He knows what’s what.

Kid president

Buying: Birthday presents! My mum, me and David all have a  birthday within a week of each other!

Wearing: Matching my nails to the occasion with Afternoon Tea for the Biggest Morning Tea.

Top Banana Cupcakes

Loving: That it’s cold enough to wear beanies again!

Missing: My mum and Calvin.

Mum and Calvin

Enjoying:  Zucchini Oats for breakfast. They sound so wrong but they taste so right!

Watching: A TV medley of Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Grace and Frankie and Outlander.

Listening: To Kirsten and Em, the Two Chatty Chicks. They’re hilarious!

Running: Rings around Sydney. It’s good to be back with my favourite run buddy and my favourite view.

Taking Stock June

Wondering: If I will ever grow up. I’m going to be 45 in a few weeks but I’m digging my heels in and refusing to grow up. I think it’s overrated.

Snacking: On pickled cucumbers. I’m totally addicted.

Trying: Not to drink  wine on weekdays with varying degrees of success.

Eating: Slow cooked food like these Slow Cooker Curried Sausages, Slow Cooker Chilli with Cornbread Dumplings and Slow Cooker Golden Veggie Shepherd’s Pie. Noms!

Slow Cooker Curried Sausages

Needing: To declutter. In a big way.

Coveting: A copy of the AWW Birthday Cake Book and these schwings for my Cinderella running outfit.

Noticing: That Vivid is getting bigger every year, as are the crowds.

Disliking: The crowds. When it comes to outdoor events, I’m not really a people person. Vivid, I love you, but I don’t love your crowds. Just sayin’!

vivid 16

Knowing: I have 65 days to get race fit. Eeep!

Helping: Lunch ladying at the Asylum Seeker’s Resource Centre.

Looking forward to: Christmas in July, birthdays in July, just July really.

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