Taking Stock November

Taking Stock November 2017

Well, it’s certainly been a November to remember and for all the right reasons. This month has been action packed but the good times have been a-rolling. I think it’s time to take a breath, have a cuppa and take stock of the month that was. Come, join me!

Wining: And dining at the Kirribilli Club. The views can’t be beat!

Taking stock - kirribilli club

Peeking: Inside the oven. It has no light and I have no willpower.

Eating: A lot of dumplings. I predict I will be dumpling shaped by 2018.

Taking stock - dumplings

Snacking: On cherry tomatoes.

Deciding: What to eat for Christmas dinner. All I know is that it has to include Yorkshire Puddings!

Making:  These Christmas Cupcakes with my godchildren. Little hands make light work!

Taking Stock November 2017 - cupcakes

Ticking: Another thing off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list – I made my own mince pies. Recipe coming soon!

Needing: To update said list. Watch this space.

Baking: This Beetroot, Cranberry and Zucchini LoafCan’t stop baking it, won’t stop baking it.

Beetroot, Cranberry and Zucchini Loaf

Admiring: Camilla and Jacqui. They’re so inspiring.

Putting: Up the Christmas tree. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Buying: A Christmas tree skirt. There’s a first time for everything!

Wishing: I had an Elf on the Shelf. Just for me!

Wrapping: Presents for the FMS Gift Exchange. Flamingos make everything better. Even my crappy wrapping.

Taking stock - FMS Gift Exchange

Hoping: I’ve elf-celled myself in the gift giving department and that my giftee likes what I’ve picked.

Staying: In Melbourne for fun, to see friends and to have frolics.

Checking: Out the Magic of Aardman exhibition at ACMILove, love, love!

10 on 10 - Wallace and Gromit

Dressing: Up for the Bupa Blog Awards. Not my usual Thursday night attire.

Wearing: This dress from Review. It’s still on sale. (I’m not enabling, just saying!)

Meeting: Bloggy friends old and new at the Bupa Blog Awards.

Bupa Blog Awards 2

Thanking: You, and you, and you. That award is much for anyone who reads my words as it is for me writing them.

Writing: The speech that I wish I’d said at the Bupa Blog Awards.

Testing: My blood and scanning my neck.

Taking Stock November 2017 - scan

Suffering: From scanxiety. It’s totally a thing.

Waiting: For test results. The waiting is definitely the worst bit.

Getting: Good news from blood and neck via the endo. I have a clean bill of health… At least until my next check up!

Marvelling: That I weigh the same as last year! First follow up appointment without weight gain in six years!

Blogging: For 6 years and celebrating with a fabulous giveaway from I Still Call Australia Home. Have you entered yet? (Hurry, entries close tonight!)

Blogaversary Giveaway

Hosting: Overseas friends, interstate friends and furry friends.

Showing: Our visiting hoomans the best of Sydney.

Admiring: Sydney. It’s looking mighty fine!

Taking Stock November 2017 - Sydney

Celebrating: Our 13 year meetaversary with (more) dumplings and a movie in Gold Class.

Thinking: Back to this time 13 years ago and this time three years ago.

Feeling: Grateful for the past 13 years – what a ride!

Matching: My flowers to my running shoes. I’m all about the matchy matchy.

Taking Stock November 17 - matching

Loving: That Australia said YES.

Wondering: Who are the people that said no and why did they do it? I just cannot deal.

Playing: Couples Travel Tag with David. Try it with your favourite travel buddy – it’s so much fun!

Listing: All the fabulous things for Couples to See and Do in Hawaii

Remembering: All the fabulous food we ate in Disneyland (without even entering the parks!) This Fried Green Tomato Sandwich was one of my favourites.

8 places to eat in Downtown Disney - Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

Seeing: Take That in concert. Squee!

Reliving: My youth at Take That.

Listening: To Take That. The guys might be getting older but their music never will!

Booking: Tickets for Muriel’s WeddingI cannot wait!

Finding: Fruit Pastilles in Woolies. Resistance is futile!

Taking stock - fruit pastilles

Losing: My running mojo. I hope I find it soon.

Signing: Up for the first fun runs for 2018. Here are some of my favourites.

Frequenting: The gym. Because… Not running.

Packing: All the things for the In the Bag campaign.

Taking Stock - It's in the bag campaign

Enjoying: Having a dishwasher again. Game changer!

Knowing: To love people and use things and that the opposite never works. But maybe the dishwasher is an exception to this rule!

Opening: My new Thermobliss Calendar. (Not sponsored just a fan girl.)

Taking stock - Thermobliss Calendar


Trying: To walk 10,000 steps every day from November 20th to December 20th. So far, so good!

Breaking: My tooth on a piece of toast. Most expensive piece of toast ever!

Visiting: The dentist…  Again! Argh!

Coveting: My friend’s chihuahua, Talia. Isn’t she the cutest?! She’s such a dear! Or should I say deer?!

Taking stock - chihuahua

Buying: Minimalismfor my friends. I’m trying to gift in line with my values.

Liking: Spring. I think it’s my favourite season.

Disliking: The heat. And this is just the beginning!

Popping: My Story Club cherry at the Giant Dwarf Theatre. Such a great night out!

Taking Stock November 17 - story club


Reading: My Not So Perfect Life* by Sophie Kinsella and The Happiest Refugee* by Ahn Do.

Watching: Jane the Virgin Season 3. BEST! What shall I watch next?

Bookmarking: All the things I want to make from Amanda’s new cookbook.

Taking Stock November 17 - A cooker and a looker

Looking forward to: Christmas, of course!

Tell me about your month. Do you celebrate meetaversaries too? What shall I read/watch next? Are you feeling festive? Is your tree up yet?

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