Taking Stock – September 2019

taking stock september 2019

This September has been one to remember as Teddy Roosevelt came to his fur-ever home. In case you’re wondering, only one of those dogs is the real Teddy Roosevelt, the other is Max, my faux-dog who has been a loyal and faithful companion for 10+ years, he’s now been rehomed with my godson Jack.

To say we’re in love with Teddy would be a massive understatement so you might not be surprised that this month’s taking stock is like one massive puppy-fest. However, I’m big on puppy-life balance so there’s still been plenty of food, fun, friends and fabulous finds. Before we head paw first into the new month, I’m going to grab a cuppa, take a breath and take stock. I’d love it if you joined me!

Staying: At home and loving it.

Eating: Our way through the stash of pies in the freezer. I’ve turned into some sort of pie survivalist.

Drinking: Lots of good coffee!

teddy roosevelt coffee

Wishing: I could find Options Hot Chocolate down under at a price that won’t break the budget!

Savouring: The last scone at The Tea Cosy before they moved around the corner to their new location.

the tea cosy ploughmans

Enjoying: Being back in the kitchen.

Trying: Out a delicious new pesto recipe, I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

Revamping: The recipe for this Choc Chip Bread Pudding – it is crazy good!

choc chip bread pudding 4

Sharing: My favourite meat pie maker recipes – make it with mince!

Baking: This Lemon Butter, Almond and Blueberry Cakeit’s the business! 


Remembering: All the good times I had in the motherland – both in Lincoln and London Town.

Singing: The complete soundtrack of Joseph. Apologies to Teddy and David for my tunelessness.

Needing: More time to blog – so many posts to write up, so little time! 

Making: A DIY real grass dog toilet. I don’t even know who I am anymore!

Buying: All kinds of puppy paraphenalia!

Matching: The dog to the duvet!

cavoodle duvet

Laughing: At Teddy Roosevelt and all his crazy puppy antics!

Pushing: His nibs around the neighbourhood in a dog stroller – he’s becoming quite a celebrity.

Socialising: Teddy in his pram – he can’t walk on the ground until he’s fully vaccinated (another  5 weeks!)

Noticing: That pushing a puppy is quite the conversation starter.

ibiyaya dog stroller

Visiting: The vets for the first time. Teddy loved everything about the visit, except the needles of course!

Attending: Puppy school!

Introducing: Teddy in person to our friends and via face time to our family.

Loving: Having a dog. Finally!

Dehydrating: Apples, sweet potato, chicken and even woofscotti (like biscotti but for dogs) for dog treats!

Bookmarking: More dehydrated dog treat recipes.

Picking: Up a lot of dog poo.

Learning: How to be puppy parents on the job!

Having: So much fun with Teddy’s Instagram – you can find him at @teddyroothecavapoo

Wondering: How long it will be before Teddy can jump on the bed and scale the sofa (spoiler alert: not long!) 

Featuring: In Chelsey’s Heartspace Connect series – it was such an honour to be interviewed.

Spending: Lots of family time with Teddy and David.

Feeling: Grateful for the special time together.

Celebrating: Teddy’s milestones with these puppy milestone cards. Yep, puppy milestone cards are totally a thing.

puppy milestone cards

Watching: The last season of Designated Survivor. If only Tom Kirkman was the real president…

Reading: Half a World Away by Mike Gayle. It was just magic! 

Listening: To RedhandedIf you love true crime and don’t mind the odd f-bomb then you might like it too!

Wanting: To see Downtown Abbey at the movies. I’ve heard such good things about it! 

Playing: Along with another month of FMS Photo A Day – it’s Alphabet month!

Walking: Spit to Manly. I had forgotten how beautiful it is… And how many stairs there are!


Training: Hard at the gym with my trainer KathyNow I just need to find my running mojo!

Wearing: My FMSXAT Active Wear. I love it so much, I bought another pair of tights.


Gifting: A night of babysitting to our friend for her birthday.

Hosting: Our god-kids for another sleep over after our first week with Teddy – ambitious!


Helping: My god-daughter make a birthday cake for her mum. I made the cake and she decorated it!

Catching: Up with Jo. We’re such bad bloggers, we didn’t get a selfie but she did get this fab photo of Teddy Roosevelt.

teddy roosevelt

Liking: Spring – it’s my Goldilocks season – not too hot, not too cold, just right! 

Disliking: The three days I had to survive without internet, first world problems, I know! 

Exploring: The breweries of the inner-west on a DIY brewery tour.

batch brewing

Taking: A trillion photos of Teddy Roosevelt – well he is cute!

Hoping: My mum catches a break with her health soon

Planning: A quick getaway in November but need to decide where to go first!

Looking: Forward to daylight savings in October.

And lastly, marvelling: At these dancing dogs! They make my heart happy!

Was yours a September to remember too? Tell me all the things!

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