Cronut O’ Clock

Once upon a time in New York City, a baker called Dominique Ansel  had the bright idea of making an artery hardening pastry that was half croissant and half doughnut. It was a pastry lover's dream [Read More]

Gelato Messina (AKA Gelato Heaven)

Thanks to Google Local, I scored myself a place at a Messina Gelato Class. Gelato Messina is the stuff dessert legends are made of. It's reputation precedes it. Messina is Gelato and it has been voted [Read More]

Eating Out – Bistro Niagara, Katoomba

Going to the Blue Mountains and not going for a bush walk, is like going to Paris and not stopping by at the Eiffel Tower. Bush walking is good, and more to the point, it works up a good appetite. As [Read More]

Eating out – Sakala

Halfway through our week in Bali, we decided to embark on a bit of a culinary adventure at Sakala.  As Bali Eats named it Bali's best new fine dining restaurant in 2011, the menu made our mouths water [Read More]

Eating Out – Universal

I have a friend whose godmother came to visit from far, far away. She wasn't a fairy godmother, but she was a very rich godmother, and treated my friend to some fantastic feeds at the very best [Read More]

Alio Italian Feast Degustation

Do you remember how we put the fun in fundraising at Alio restaurant a while back? If  like me, your memory fails you, you can read all about it here. We're big fans of Alio, we've eaten a la [Read More]

A Classic at Courgette

We were seriously salivating by the time we rocked up at Courgette.  It's earned the reputation of being one of Canberra's most gorgeous restaurants and has been awarded a hat by the Sydney Morning [Read More]