There’s something about Mary

So last week, Queen Mary came to town. It was hard not to miss her as she sat in the harbour and it seemed every man (and woman) and his/her dog wanted to check her out. So  naturally I wanted to [Read More]

Road tripping in our own backyard

I suffer badly from PHB (Post Holiday Blues), do you? I've tried a number of ways to overcome this sorrowful affliction but none are as effective as booking another trip as soon as humanly [Read More]

10 Things to do in Chicago

I would go back to Chicago in a heartbeat. I gave you 7 good reasons to love Chicago and because caring is sharing, I'm going to give you 10 Things to Do should you be lucky enough to find yourself in [Read More]

Travel Tales – Singapore in 24 hours

So after an epic voyage of planes, trains and automobiles and a 24 hour journey we arrived in Singapore. This isn't our first visit, but it's a flying visit and it's a good chance to catch our [Read More]

Top 5 Disneyland Delicacies

For me half the fun of travelling is seeing and doing, and the other half of the fun is eating. I like to eat ALL the things. Disneyland was no exception, because after all, I had a half marathon to [Read More]