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International Food Fest

It's such a joy to go to work these days and I know I'm lucky to love my job this much. My office is in a great spot in the city and I have great colleagues who are wonderful to work with, and this [Read More]

Mountain Climbers

I'm up and out early getting me my mountain groceries and a stash of supplies for our big bushwalk today. Breakfast is a feast from Jenny's kitchen which sets up nicely for the long walk ahead. [Read More]

Cousin Lucy’s Fantastic Flapjacks

  Makes 12 These 4 ingredient flapjacks are so easy and taste oats so good! Everyone loves Lucy! Especially me (and not just because she's my cousin!) As you can see from this [Read More]

Our Biggest Morning Tea

It's time tea! But this no ordinary teatime! Oh no! It's the Biggest Morning Tea and not only that, but at my workplace, it's morning tea in the afternoon! Rules were made to be broken! I put the [Read More]

The night before I run the night

I cannot wake up. There's a will but there's just no way. I leave the alarm to bleep until as late as possible before I face the inevitable, and another new day. The morning is passes me by in a sleep [Read More]

A Fantastic Friday

Well yesterday was as wet as an otter's pocket, today is dry as a bone, which is mighty lucky as Tracey and I have another early morning running date. It's black as night when I go out to get Trace, [Read More]

A Cheer for One Year!

I should probably be certified - I'm out and pounding the pavement, and it's so early, even the sun isn't awake yet! I go fast and go hard, I don't want to be late and make Tracey wait! I meet her [Read More]

Slice and Spice

I try to catch up on some sleep and have a little lie in this morning but I still feel super tired! My morning banana saves the day and gives me an excellent energy boost. I pick up the latest [Read More]

That’s the way the cookies crumble!

I wake up and it's dark and wet. It seems like Summer has only made a fleeting visit and now Winter already has it's foot in the door! I still manage to make it to Kristy's Pump Class and as usual, it [Read More]