Perfect Crepes

These crepes are round, flat, tender and thin and can be filled with something sweet or savoury. I like to think of myself as a bit of a Francophoile, in part because I have French heritage, in [Read More]

Crepe Creations

I'm out of bed at half 5 with a hop, skip and a jump today! It's Monday and Kathy's back for Basic Training! The class  really rocks, there's no better way to start the week! Work is busy, but [Read More]

Cookie Cutter Kingdom

I'm up at the crack of dawn...again! It's hard to sleep with all the rampant rain, forget cats and dogs, it's raining wombats and wallabies today. I make good use of time playing with the blog and [Read More]

Chocolate Crackle Slice

I spent my schooldays at boarding school from age 10 because my mum was single and hardworking. I wasn't particularly enamoured with the idea of boarding school to start with but it wasn't too long [Read More]

Mexican-Style Roast Chicken

Serves 4 Ingredients 35g (1 ounce) packaged taco seasoning mix 1 fresh small red thai (serrano) chilli, finely chopped 1 tablespoon lime juice 1.6kg whole chicken   How [Read More]

Saturday Matter-Day

My body clock still doesn't know it's the weekend! Shocking! I'm up at 7 and decide to get cracking on my list of things to do. It's way too long! First things first, I tackle my recipe folder. I've [Read More]

Mini Pear and Spice Cakes

These  mini muffins require minimum effort but they're maximum yum! The combination of the pear, nutmeg and cinnamon in the flavour trifecta. David is a very discerning taste tester. [Read More]

Oven Baked Almond Crumbed Fish

Parmesan and almonds are a delicious, gluten free twist on baked, crumbed fish. It's super healthy and super tasty too! The  fish I remember eating as a kid was always battered and fried, well,  it [Read More]

Friday the 13th

It's Friday 13th! It's not unlucky, it's just all go! The fun starts with Basic Training at 6.15 which is totally awesome and leaves me feeling fizzy all day long! Early morning training really rocks. [Read More]

A Walk on the Wild Side

I plan to wake up with the birds and head out for a road run but it just ain't happening. At least I manage to get up early enough to take my Thryoxin meds. I even have time to go back to bed, sleep [Read More]