The Eats of Evelyn

When I was chez Auntie Sandra (she who is  famous for that 0h-so-lovely  Champion Chicken Soup,) in the mother country, I ordered Evelyn Rose's New Complete International Jewish Cookbook in an attempt [Read More]

10 Tips to Stress Less

My friend Paula shared a fantastic picture on facebook today, from the NSW Mental Health Association. It's called 10 Tips to Stress Less and I love it! I think I have number 1 well covered, but I'm [Read More]

Tuesday is Top!

Today, Tuesday, is a day packed full of all good things. First off, Kristy's pump class sets me up for the day really rather nicely. Then, I get an all new, all singing, all dancing class at work and [Read More]

Iodine Free-der

Just because I'm eating iodine free, doesn't mean everyone else has to! The Feeder Programme rockets into action when I share the Apple and Raspberry Muffins at work and to my great surprise, there's [Read More]

Vegging out!

Sara over at Sew Appetising blogs out that it's  National Vegetarian Week. I don't think we're officially vegging out down under, and I've already planned my menu for the week but  I'll try to eat [Read More]

The Last Day of Iodine

Sunday starts with a bit of baking with some yummy Apple and Raspberry Muffins. They may not be low calorie but they're packed full of good stuff and are deliciously moist. I go iodine free [Read More]

Slow Cooker Red Thai Fish Curry

Serves 4 When my oven thermostat gave up the ghost and everything I baked got incinerated, I had to think outside of the box at dinner time. I really believe that even in the most dire of [Read More]

Apple and Raspberry Muffins

Makes 12 I'm mad about muffins, and these ones are no exception. This recipe uses yoghurt in the muffin batter, and yoghurt is one of my all time favourite baking ingredients. Chuck in some grated [Read More]

Saturday Favourites

It's an action packed Saturday. After a sleepy start and a long lie in, there's a bit of baking. Kari and Ryan are bobbing over with the kids later so it's time for treats. Today, it's more of those [Read More]

Public Tweaking

I wake up at 4am with a busy brain! My body doesn't know if it's coming or going...  yesterday I couldn't wake up on time, and today I wake up too early! Grrrr! My mind and body clearly have no [Read More]