Ants in my pants

I am a big dreamer when I'm awake and I dream even bigger when I'm asleep. My dreams range from the sublime to the ridiculous and just about everything inbetween. They are always vivid, complicated [Read More]

My Birthday Bonanza

Did you see the Words of Wisdom yesterday? I just celebrated another birthday. That in itself is a reason to be grateful. This birthday was full of lots of good people and lots of good things. [Read More]

The Monster Malteser Cake

This easy and delicious Chocolate Maltesers Cake is perfect for any special occasion. Funny enough this cake recently popped up in my Facebook memories because I first made this cake for David way [Read More]

Takashi the Masterchef

After a day recovering from David's birthday bonhomie, the Birthday Festival went up a gear on Friday when we went for a gala dinner at Simon and Takashi's. Takashi's dinners are the stuff food [Read More]

Let the Birthday Festival Begin

I never wanted to fall in love with someone who had a birthday on the same day as me, for I like the birthday glory to be all my own, but the same month would do just fine! Yes, I always dreamed of [Read More]

Top 5 Low Iodine Sweet Treats

Sticking to a  low iodine diet is always a bit of a challenge. It takes time and effort to plan and prepare healthy and delicious food and it's likely that a lot of your all-time favourite foods are [Read More]