July in Cake

July is quite the birthday bonanza in our little nook - in the seventh month of the year so many of our nearest and dearest celebrate the day of their birth. In my humble opinion, one should always [Read More]

Mates and Dates

Believe me, it has been a mad, crazy week. Although as a rule, I like to live by Muhammad Ali's words "don't count the days, make the days count," I was pretty relieved when Friday rolled around. This [Read More]

Guy’s Cardamom and Apple Cake

Serves 8-10 This is the cake that Guy baked for me on my birthday! I loved it so! Apple and Cardamom the perfect partners in this cake-y crime - who would have thought it? This was a real hit in [Read More]

Sunny-land to Surf

I've been an uber-lazy runner of late and just can't find my stride. Since my fight with the pavement, I'm not super keen to run in the dark in the morning, which has resulted in lots of twilight, but [Read More]