Happy Belated Birthday Blog

Wowzers! The blog just turned 2! It must be true what they say about time flying by when you're having fun. I can hardly believe it. Where did those 730 days go? (Answers in the comments, if you [Read More]

DIY Christmas with Brenda Janschek

On Saturday I joined the lovely Brenda Janschek and friends for a deliciously wholesome DIY Christmas Workshop. I've been stalking, oops, I mean following Brenda on Facebook and Instagram and her [Read More]

The Tale of the Christmas Tree

I've had a lot of Christmas trees in my time  but never a real one with needles. My mum always told me those needles were too prickly and I think I believed her. Once when I was young,  I remember we [Read More]

My Superman

When I was a little girl Superman was my hero. He was hot, he could fly and he had fancy pants. However, he never replied to my letters and it wasn't long before he fell off his pedestal. The thing [Read More]

Thermomix Pumpkin, Apple and Oat Cake

Serves 16 I came back from my month away to a bit of a Birthday Festival in the office. The first week back I was on almost a cake-a-day. My mouth still waters when I think of the Cardomom Apple [Read More]

Meatless Monday – Moorish Pizza

Makes 1 large pizza - serves 1-2 Once upon a time there was one lonely eggplant left in the fridge. Nobody wanted him. Nobody loved him. Until, one day he was rescued. He left the dark fridge for a [Read More]

The Cancer Anniversary

October and November always mark a kind of bi-monthly anniversary for me. October was the month my cancer was diagnosed and operated upon and November was when I got myself all radioactive. I don't [Read More]