Friday the 13th – The Results Edition

What do you know? Friday the 13th isn't so unlucky after all. The results are in. And they're good. As good as can be expected and that's quite enough for me. The waiting is just the worst bit.  I [Read More]

Happy Birthday Queenie

I would love to be Queen of  England. Not only because I  would never have to cook or clean again (not unless I wanted to anyway,) but just because I could have 2 birthdays! How cool would that [Read More]

A Vivid Cruise

Every year for 3 weeks from the end of May to the start of June the Vivid Festival comes to town. When darkness falls, the lights come on and some of the Sydney's most iconic attractions and buildings [Read More]

A Testing Time

June has always been the month to watch in recent years. Not because of a birthday, an anniversary or a public holiday but because June is testing time. This is the month when my blood is tested and [Read More]

May, the month that was…

May was a magical month that was all about run and fun! Is it really June already? How did that happen? May got off the starting blocks with Nike She Runs. This is my third time lucky that I've [Read More]