The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #91

Hurrah for the weekend! How was your week? Mine was action packed; I saw Bridget Jones (and her baby,) ate my bodyweight in dumplings, injured my ear with a cotton bud and now I'm about to hop on down [Read More]

Best Ever Coconut Cake

Serves 8-10 My friend Richard loves coconut, like really loves it. Every time I go back to London, I always take a bag of Cherry Ripes which he inhales with gusto. One time, I even made him his [Read More]

Taking Stock – October

I can't believe we've been back on Australian terra firma for almost a month. Our big trip seems like a lifetime ago! Time sure must fly by when you're having fun because it's almost the end of [Read More]

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #90

Hello and welcome to the weekend! I hope it's a happy one. I know it's still one week until Halloween but I don't like to leave things to the last minute, so let's consider this the Rabbit Hole [Read More]

Halloween Chocolate Bark

When I was in the States, I became obsessed with American candy and America's obsession with Halloween. I would spend ages in the supermarket aisles just staring at all the delicious looking candy and [Read More]

Wine Tripping in Sonoma

I love wine. And I love a day tour. So of course, when I can combine my love of wine and day tours, I think that's twice as nice. I consider myself something of a wine tour veteran; I've tasted my [Read More]

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #89

Well hello there! How was your week? Mine was action packed and full of all good things. Our big trip seems like a lifetime away, though. I feel like I need another holiday! Anyhoo, there's much to [Read More]

The Five Year Itch

Five years. However you calculate it, 60 months, 261 weeks or 1827 days, that's how much time has passed since I got my second cancer diagnosis. On the 10th of October 2011 I should have been [Read More]

10 on 10 Project – October 2016

I am sure the tenth of the month rolls around a bit quicker every month as the year rolls on by, or is that just me?!  Of course, that means I’m joining in with this month’s Clever Cookie Photography [Read More]