47 On 47

47 on 47 Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

You guys it’s my Birthday Eve! I can hardly believe it myself, tomorrow I am going to turn 48! In case you didn’t know I am into birthdays in a major way and not just yours or mine, I am into everybody’s birthday.

My love of birthdays isn’t just because of the cake although that is obviously a bonus! I know that getting older is a privilege denied to many and that’s why I embrace my birthdays with gusto, feel grateful to have made it through the year  and this year will celebrate the fact that  I’m on the fast track to 50. As the great Muhammad Ali said don’t count the days, (or the years for that matter,) make the days (and the years) count.

Anyhoo, although I might be almost 48 on the outside, on the inside I am (and will likely forever be) six and a half. Growing up just isn’t for me!

Last year I shared  47 things I’d learned in 47 years but this year,  I’m reflecting on 47 things that happened when I was 47, taking stock of the year that was and for once in my life, posting on point with Denyse’s prompt. 

1. I published 118 blog posts (this one included!)

2. My mum moved into a new place. We’re so happy to see her happy and settled.


3. I got lots of Calvin cuddles. I love this boy with all my heart!

Calvin the dog

4. I went to the motherland twice so there was bonus time with friends and family.

Beenham phone box library

5. I saw two shows in London’s Theatreland.

6. I had afternoon tea on a London bus. It was tea-riffic!

Afternoon Tea Bus London Tour 4

7. I became a Gold Qantas Frequent Flyer which is quite ironic as I’m so anxious in the air! I’m very loyal to the silver kangaroo!

8. I spent two glorious weeks in San Francisco. I think I left my heart there so I totally need to go back and find it! 

san francisco sunset cruise adventure cat 8

9. I went to Hawaii twice.  I left a bit of my heart there too.


10. I had Disneyland withdrawals in a major way. 

11. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with a weekend in Berry. Oh, and David grew a beard.

anniversary 2019

12. We weekended in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains with friends. It’s still my spirit place! 


13. There was a long weekend in Canberra.

14. And we made our annual pilgrimage to Hobart.

72 hours in Tasmania - Mount Nelson

15. I bought a pie maker and it quickly became my new favourite kitchen appliance (not just because it makes great donuts.)

16. I made the Swimming Pool Cake from the AWW Cookbook… Twice.

swimming pool cake

17. I made the AWW Bunny Cake.

bunny birthday cake

18. I made a (very rustic)  Beer Mug Cake.


19. I started brewing my own kombucha. 

homemade kombucha

20. I watched the Golden State Warriors play basketball – it was love at first sight!

Golden state warriors

21. I watched a lot of Netflix and shared my favourites.

22. I got into true crime podcasts in a major way. 

23. I read some really amazing books and completed my challenge of 101 Books in 1001 Days. 

24. In fact, I ticked quite a few things off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. Update coming soon!

25. Sold all my CDs (over 500) and subscribed to Spotify instead!

26. I embraced minimalism and decluttered like a boss. 

27. I ran only one fun run in Australia (meeting Freddo Frog was a bonus!)

Cadbury 10k Freddo Frog

28. And I ran one fun run in San Francisco where I also enjoyed my first ever Pumpkin Patch!

Halloween 5k pumpkin patch

29. I ate a lot of dumplings… And even learned to make my own! These Easy Pork Dumplings are the business!


30. I ate a lot of scones and enjoyed every last crumb. 


31. I went to a variety of outdoor cinemas, even one where you lie in bed

Movin bed outdoor cinema

32. I added some new recipes to my Meatless Monday repetoire including this Four Bean Chilli with Cornbread Dumplings.


33. I went fruit picking for the first time.


34. We painted our walls!

35. I sold all my “one day” clothes so if I ever get back to a size 12 I’ll just have to buy new ones!

36. I joined the live audience at Dancing with the Stars.

dancing with the stars audience

37. Our godchildren came for their first sleep over (hopefully not their last.)

38. I made my first lamington, albeit in slice form.


39. I tried my first Kouign-Amman. Spoiler alert: It won’t be my last.


40. I saw my sister-in-law marry her beloved and become my ex-sister-in-law but friends are the family you choose yourself, right?!Currumbin wedding

41. I started the 5:2 diet and stuck to it (mostly.)

42. I started to write my book. 

43. I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain any either so I’m taking that as a win.

44. I got a clean bill of health from the doctor.

45. I got strata permission for a pet and put a deposit down on a puppy! 

46. I said a forever goodbye to a furry friend, an online friend and watched a friend deal with a sudden and tragic loss.

47. I remembered that life is a rare and precious gift and lived by the mantra, “experiences not things.”


Are you a birthday fan too? Does your age on the inside match your age on the outside? 

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