Taking Stock – September 2020

dog running across grass with deep blue sky

Hello friends! How are you travelling? I think I’m still in shock that we’re in the last quarter of the year already.  I know you shouldn’t wish your life away and all that but honestly,  if I could press a fast forward button to the end of 2020, I would. 2020 is definitely not my favourite vintage.

The more this year goes on, the more unsettled I feel but I tried super hard to make this a September to remember for all the right reasons. Before I launch myself into October, I’m going to take a few minutes to take stock on the month that was. I’d love it if you joined me! 

Cooking: This Beef and Ale Stew – we’re proper addicted.

beef ale stew in casserole pot

Drinking: Long blacks with a dash of skim. What are you having?

Eating: Round challah for Jewish New Year. I love that the round shape symbolises the circle of life.

a round challah

Reading: Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman and The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary. Very different but loved them both.

Watching: Cobra Kai on Netflix. Can’t stop, won’t stop! 

Listening: To podcasts again. I’m back to Redhanded, I missed it so much! 

Posting: My first dog recipe for these Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. It might be my first but it won’t be my last!

tray of easy peanut butter dog biscuits

Sharing: This delicious round up of all my favourite Banana Bread recipes.

Remembering: What a glorious weekend we had in the Blue Mountains.

Staying: At the pet friendly and super cool Citadines Connect Sydney Airport.

Celebrating: David’s first Father’s Day with matching knitwear for him and Teddy Roosevelt.

man and cavoodle wearing matching knitwear

Looking: At the airport and remembering the good old days when we could leave on a jet plane.

Loving: The change of scenery, even if it was just looking at an empty airport.

Catching: Up with friends – it feels good!

Turning: Our spare room into an office.

Shopping: At Bunnings.

dog sitting in Bunnings trolley with paint charts in background

Bookmarking: All the ways to style a day bed. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Selling: Loads of stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

Buying: More dog “essentials.”

Getting: Physio on my shoulder. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Going: Back to the gym for the first time since March.

Admiring: The women in this month’s Paws on Business feature – they’re all so awesome!

Chaperoning: Teddy to meet his new girlfriend Tofu. She’s Assistant Manager at local hairdresser’s Sho and Co. Check out their social distancing!

a dashshund and a cavoodle sitting on a velvet yellow sofa

Enjoying: Puppy play dates with Teddy.

Pining: For another dog. I don’t think Teddy Roosevelt wants to be an only child!

Pushing: Two dogs around, just to get some practice in! How cute do Teddy Roosevelt and Teddy Elliot look?

2 small oodles in a dog stroller

Feeling: Very poody. Just like broody but for another dog.

Matching: Teddy and his friend Coco in matching Soapy Moose harnesses! 

two cavoodles wearing matching harnesses

Noticing: That Teddy has a better social life than me! 

Attending: A Tutti Frutti dog party by the harbour. So much fun! 

cavoodle sitting in a toy pink car

Hosting: Teddy’s belated first birthday party. It was quite the celebration.

Making: This Picture Perfect human Birthday Cake for Teddy’s party.

birthday cake covered in candy with a photo of a dog

Looking: Through Teddy’s party album – so many happy memories!

Outsourcing: The dog cake (yes, that’s a thing!) to the experts at Hairy Hounds Bakery.

dog birthday cake 1st birthday

Opening: All of Teddy’s presents – it took us a week to get through them all!

Marvelling: At the costumes at Teddy’s T Party! Check out Tupac and Tarzan

dog fancy dress Tupac and Tarzan

Working: On Teddy’s training and finally seeing some results. Woot!

Winning: Prizes for Teddy on Instagram!

Wearing: My new Teddy Roosevelt earrings from Cacty Craft. I got a key ring this time too!

dog looking at cacty craft earrings and key chain

Wondering: What I took pictures of before I had a dog. Whatever, he’s a wonderful diversion!

Worrying: About my mum. It’s so hard being so far away.

Needing: A good night’s sleep.

Wanting: Nothing more than to hop on a plane to London.

Following: The news about the flight caps with interest.

Disliking: The attitude of some Australians to their fellow citizens stranded overseas. It’s thoroughly un-Australian!

Liking:  Longer, lighter evenings. I for one cannot wait for daylight savings! 

Returning: To counselling before my molehills of anxiety become mountainous!

Wishing: I had a magic wand to magic this pandemic away.

Taking: One day at a time.

Trying: To sit with my discomfort and not worry about things I can’t control.

Hoping: Things will ever get back to normal, whatever ‘normal’ is…

So how was your month that was? Was it a September to remember?

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