Cherry, Almond and Sultana Cake

Lately, I've become a bit obsessed about baking with almond meal because I have so much of it. Now that I'm making my own almond milk like a boss, I'm left with a lot of left over pulp which I've been [Read More]

Eve’s Chocolate Crackles

Makes 24 I think you're going to love this healthy version of this no bake teatime treat! It was my friend Eve who gave me this recipe and thus how the recipe got it's name. Now I know Eve won't [Read More]

ANZAC Blondies

Makes 24 There are so many reasons to love Blondies and not just because it's a teatime treat to match my hair! Blondies are white chocolate's answer to a Brownie and this version is a [Read More]

Chocolate Pecan Slice

Cuts into 18 pieces There's a lot to love about this recipe, not least because it only has three ingredients. I'm also a big fan of the chocolate/condensed milk combo, and because it's using dark [Read More]

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Just type "lemon" in the search box and you'll see just how much I love lemons. I love them a lot. A whole lot. I love baking with them too, so when life and/or my lovely neighbours give me lemons [Read More]

Gluten-Free Lemon Drizzle Cake

I first saw the Thermomix at my friend Kathy's demo and it was love at first sight! I went home and waxed lyrical about this super snazzy kitchen machine but David was not convinced... Until I told [Read More]

Madeira Cake

This traditional British cake makes me super nostalgic. Who can resist that light vanilla sponge with just a hint of lemon? Not me, that's for sure. In fact, Madeira cake reminds me of my Auntie [Read More]

Old -Fashioned Cherry Cake

This simple loaf cake is cherry delicious! Mary Berry says that the secret of a good cherry cake is to have the fruit evenly distributed rather than it all sinking to the bottom. I've never quite [Read More]

Old Fashioned Walnut Cake

This cake is an oldie but a goodie. I've updated the recipe with some new pics and put the traditional recipe and the Thermomix conversion all in one place. You're welcome. Nuts are really good for [Read More]

Pumpkin and Ginger Tea Bread

Serves  10 This recipe has had a bit of a revamp with some shiny new photos and  a Thermomix conversion. However, this loaf is as lovely as ever! It's so simple to make, deliciously moist and it [Read More]