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72 hours in Melbourne

It's not my first rodeo or my first visit to Melbourne, in fact, it's my fourth visit in the last 18 months! Last year, we had a fun 48 hours celebrating our double digit wedding anniversary, then I [Read More]

Happy 6th Blogaversary and a Giveaway!

Can you believe this time six years ago, I was in isolation, oozing radioactivity and emptying my thoughts on to my computer to start this here blog! That makes me feel so old. It seems like [Read More]

Meatless Monday: Zucchini Lasagne

This Zucchini Lasagne is quick and easy to prepare and totally delicious to eat!  This recipe is what I call a "sitter" because I've been sitting on it for quite some time. I've made it [Read More]

Taking Stock – August

Despite a sickly start, August turned out to be pretty awesome. And here's why. Let's take stock like Pip did! Baking: This Plum and Orange Baked Cheesecake. So easy but so yum! Making: My [Read More]

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #88

Hello and welcome to the weekend! How's things on Planet You? This week has flown by so fast, it's like I just blinked and I missed it! Well, I have good news for you, tomorrow is National Dessert [Read More]

June, the month that was.

I can't  believe we're already half way through the year. Can you?! Eeeeep! June got started in amazing technicolour with a Vivid  boat cruise. Experiencing vivid by boat has many advantages which [Read More]

Memories are made of this

Baby, I'm back! Coming back to the computer feels like coming home! Surely it can't be mid- January, already?! I have a theory that the older I get, the faster time goes, it's so true! We had [Read More]

The Fun Never Stops!

There's been a whole lot of celebrating going on round here. It started on Good News Friday and it hasn't stopped! On Saturday, we prematurely celebrated our niece Talor's 7th birthday. There were [Read More]

Dinner Express

Simon and Takashi are coming for dinner tonight. I usually spend weeks if not months planning a dinner for  these gorgeous guys, not just because I love them so much, but because I am always trying to [Read More]

Jelly Legs

Ouch! Kathy works me like a Trojan in training today and I wobble home with jelly legs. Sometimes, I think if she was my friend, she wouldn't make me hurt this much, but then I remember, it's [Read More]