Oyster Chicken Parcels

  Chicken marinated in soy and oyster sauce and baked on a bed of veg in a paper parcel - so easy and so delicious. This is one of those wonderful recipes that are so easy to throw [Read More]

Go Bananas!

Monday springs into action with Kathy's Basic Training Class. Heaven knows this is a well needed workout after all the weekends excesses. I can feel all the beer wobbling along with me as I sweat my [Read More]

Journey South

It's home time - so after a nice lie in, we check out and head off into the sunshine. First stop is Lerida Estate at the dried up Lake George, for a bit of wine tasting. It seems like I'm the only one [Read More]

Caramel Mango Tart

Serves 6 Ingredients 1 sheet puff pastry 20g butter 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 medium mangoes, sliced thinly   How to Preheat oven to 220 C/200 C fan forced. Place [Read More]

Capital Capers

It's time to be tourists and have some capital capers! There's plenty to keep us out of mischief in Canberra and our first stop is Capital Hill to check out the ultra modern Parliament House. It's [Read More]

Big Day Out

I'm up with the birds and off to the gym for Basic Training. It's all go! I'm a bit naughty and duck out 10 minutes early foregoing some of my least favourite exercises and do a 10 minute interval run [Read More]

No pain, no gain!

It's  been two weeks since I last trained with Kathy, and she is set to train me two times as hard and I hurt two times as much! It's fun but full on and I walk home with a pair of jelly legs! Still, [Read More]

Teriyaki Chicken with Green Beans

This quick and easy chicken teriyaki stir fry is healthy and delicious! Once the chicken has marinaded, it takes just minutes to make so it's fast and flavoursome! I'm delighted to add it to my [Read More]