Mega Choc-Chip Cookies

These cookies are mega by name and mega by nature, choc full of two types of chocolate (ha, see what I did there!) and packed full of yum! In this recipe, I've swapped out butter for oil, which [Read More]

Movies and Moonlight

I wake up fully wide awake at 4am. Bah! Sleep come back! Where have you gone? However, after a nice cup of tea and a surf on the net I'm ready to catch up on quality zzzs. My lack of sleep leaves me [Read More]

Time for Valentines

Wowee zowee! I can't believe it's that time of year again! I know it's a lot of commercial claptrap but I'm a sucker for the day of  love. I just love it! (Excuse the pun!) Fortunately, David and I [Read More]

Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Onions

Serves 4 These turkey burgers are low in fat and big on taste and those cranberry onions are just the tops! I must admit I am not a fan of turkey joints either eating or cooking but I love me [Read More]

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

Makes 4-6 small cakes or 1 large cake Everyone will heart these melt and mix chocolate heart cakes. They are dark, decadent and delicious and perfect to share with someone special. I love [Read More]

Heart Two Heart

In my pursuit of another eight hours quality sleep, and after retiring later than I should, I decide to pass on the early morning exercise and work on the premise that I'll still have the energy to go [Read More]

The Rain and Balmain

I have a lovely long lie in and then head off for a run in the sun. What a glorious start to a Summer Sunday! By the time I get home, everyone is up and about and we get ready for a day out in the [Read More]

The After Glow

I'm up and fully wide awake at 4am. My brain is busy and open for business and has no intentions of shutting down. Trying to sleep is like fighting a losing battle so I admit defeat, get up, surf the [Read More]

Chicken Sausage Rolls with Barbecue Sauce

Makes  8 If I have to be honest, these are cheaty sausage rolls but I'm all about short cuts if the end result is a whole lot of delicious, and these sausage rolls are just that, very delicious. If [Read More]

Quick and Easy Coleslaw

Serves 6 This five ingredient coleslaw is so quick, so easy and so versatile. You can use any cabbage variety for this recipe – red, savoy, wombok - they all work well. In fact the possibilities [Read More]