Successful Shopping

I'm feeling uber happy after my harbour run and we celebrate Saturday at brunch with Adam, Leda and Baby Chloe at my new favourite North Sydney cafe Treehouse.  After we take a sneak peek around the [Read More]

Kitchen Feng Shui

It's Friday, Tired Day so tonight we do not frequent the pub, we come straight home instead for some quality R and R. Besides, I've been dying to make pizza dough in the Thermomix for a while now, and [Read More]

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

  Serves 6 I love eating meat but I don't really care for cooking it mostly because I'm a bit of a princess about handling it and I'm a bit of a worrier about ruining it, because let's face it, [Read More]

Burning the Candle

I am truly tired today. I am so, so tired. I can't really remember if I ever got this tired with my thryoid, but I know that I'm done and dusted without it! The cause of my fatigue is probably a [Read More]

Groundhog Dinner

It's a new day and a new dinner! There's more fun with friends, Anton and Jim are coming over for a feed tonight! Dinner dates are like buses... you wait ages for one, and then two come along at [Read More]

Meat Pies Take 2

Makes 6 The Meat Pie is an Aussie institution! This recipe is equally as tasty as my other meat pie recipe, but with added bacon because bacon makes everything better! There's something super [Read More]

Jenny’s Champion Chocolate Cake

Serves 10 Nothing makes me happier than sharing a cake - whether I'm on the giving or the receiving end. So you can imagine my delight when I returned from a big bushwalk in the Blue Mountains to [Read More]

Nana’s Best Ever Bread Pudding

Cuts into 16 generous squares Me and my nana went together like cookies and cream. I said goodbye to her in 2004 but I still think of her and miss her every single day. I realised recently that it [Read More]