The Morning After

I sleep like a log and wake up feeling fully refreshed. I'm a machine! Praise be to Epsom Salts and compression pants for I feel as good as new! It's business as usual for my bod! I have enough [Read More]

Running Recovery

Essentially, I am a creature of  habit especially where my running routine is concerned. I have my post run ritual down to a tee, and I don't know that it's the best or the most effective, but I know [Read More]

The First Half

After all the running in the run up to the Half Marathon, Race Day is finally here! I am so excited I could crush a grape! My 4.45am wake up call doesn't leave me feeling quite so enamoured but [Read More]

Half Marathon Eve

So it's Race Day Eve and I'm taking it easy. Today I don't even leave the house bar the usual Saturday morning grocery and coffee stop. Life has been so fast and fun packed of late, it's nice to take [Read More]

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Serves  10 This is my kind of veggie smuggling - in a cake! You can't see the zucchini (because chocolate,) you can't taste the zucchini (because chocolate) but the zucchini is totally there, so I [Read More]


Race day is fast approaching! I have nominated today to be BCD (Bib Collection Day) so  after work I head off to Town Hall to the awesomely organised ASICS  Expo to pick up my bib number and goody [Read More]

Pals and Pizza

It's Sarah's last night, and so we've saved the best till last! After we've been to work and Sarah's been for a blow dry, the clock strikes wine o'clock and we stop in for some liquid refreshment at [Read More]

Bayleaf Butter Chicken

Serves 4-6 This is Bayleaf Chef Gaurav's special recipe! It requires some extra effort but this delicious dish is definitely worth it! Ingredients FOR THE MARINADE 1kg chicken thigh [Read More]

Back to Bayleaf

Tonight I'm back at Bayleaf for another crack at the cooking class with Chef Gaurav. I'm bedazzled once again by the vast array of herbs and spices and Gaurav's kitchen wizardry. I get another step [Read More]

Time for Tea!

Tuesday is off to a great start. I'm up early enough  to throw some weights around in Kristy's early morning class and my homeless friend is up and about uber-early too, so I can give him some Pumpkin [Read More]