Out with the old…

I can hardly believe 2012 has come to an end. It's a bit of a shame really as I was rather quite enjoying it. 2012 was a big improvement on 2011, so working on that premise, I guess I should be [Read More]

Thumb Deal

My GP is very clever, has a lot of experience and a great sense of humour. After I showed her my oh-so-sore-and-swollen thumb and told her of  my symptoms and the underage ER doctor's verdict, she [Read More]

Bistro Cheesecake

Serves 10 It's no secret that cheesecake is  my favourite dessert. It's also David's favourite dessert too. Our mutual love of cheesecake goes some way to explain why you'll find so many different [Read More]

Christmas for a Crowd

I can hardly believe Christmas has come and gone... already! I kind of feel like I need an action replay so I can feel properly prepared. Oh well, I have 363 days to get ready for Christmas 2013! That [Read More]

Red and Green Christmas Shortbread

Makes 18 I fell in love with these cute, Christmas coloured (egg free)  cookies at the Festive Flavour Cooking Class. I love the contrast of the chewiness of the cranberries with the crunchiness of [Read More]

The Countdown to Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has been pretty hectic. I can't believe it's  been ten days since my last blog post. The Christmas Countdown has been crazy this year! Well, I survived the last nine [Read More]

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree

Makes  1 tree This gingerbread tree is easy and fun to make! I always get a bit excited about gingerbread at yuletide and this Christmas cookie tree ticks all the boxes. I have a 10 piece cookie [Read More]

Renee’s Perfect Puddings

Makes  30 It was love at first sight when I first saw Renee's little puds on Instagram. I'm so happy she shared the recipe. And... they taste as good, as they look. Actually I lie, they taste even [Read More]

Thermomix Brigadeiros

Makes  24 Ever since Bruna brought these delicious sweet treats to our International Food Fest!  I couldn't wait to see if I could make them in my Thermomix. I asked Bruna and my  Brazilian buddies [Read More]

The Joys of Newcastle

We take off this weekend. We're back in one of our favourite cities, Newcastle. It always tickles us to visit the city in Australia with the same name as David's hometown in England, and weirdly, it's [Read More]