The Joy of June

Joy of June

If it’s true what they say about time flying by when you’re having fun, then the last 30 days must have been full of fun because June flew by super fast.

The month got off to a bright start with a night at Vivid. It  really is a sight to behold, every year it gets bigger and better and this year was no exception. I shared my favourite bits in my first 10 on 10 post and popped my photography circle cherry. ‘Twas so much fun!

Vivid Sydney 2015

We celebrated our friend’s birthday at est where they put the fine into dining. I loved it so much I wrote about it here. (Spoiler alert: This post might make you hungry.)

Est is best

Talking of birthdays, for the first time since we met, David and I are going to be apart on my birthday “insert sad face” but I am going to be with my mum instead “insert happy face.” I love birthdays with a passion and so have declared a month-long-birthday-festival! To start, I had a faux birthday on June 9th instead of July 9th, which included a dinner at Chef’s Gallery. This can only mean one thing, dumplings (and lots of them) and this incredible Duck Roti.

Chefs gallery duck roti

This was followed by Les Miserables where I sang along to all the songs, cried like a baby and loved every minute.

Les Mis

The mercury has fallen like a lead balloon in Sydney and the slow cooker has been in overdrive. The thing I love most about the colder weather is that it’s the best excuse to eat winter warmers. These Slow Cooker Curried Sausages have been a regular feature on our meal plan.

Slow Cooker Curried Sausages

The sun does come out occasionally though, and when it does, we like to make the most of it, like that one time we had breakfast at the Boathouse at Shelly Beach. 

The Boathouse - Shelly Beach

June was a month full of good news. David got good news from the cardiologist and I got good news from Kidspot, I was named as one of the top 30 online creatives in the Home and Wellbeing category and I have a fancy button on my blog to prove it. Woot! I’m just oozing grateful.

I belong to a Facebook group called For the love of Baking and if you love baking you should totally join too! I was lucky enough to score a pair of tickets from one of the members (thanks, Cheryl!)  for the Cake, Bakes and Sweets show which was a cake lover’s heaven. There was so much to see, eat and do, I’ll have to save it all for another post. The show is headed to Melbourne next and if you love baking cakes or even just eating them, you are in for a treat! You can find out more here.

Cakes bakes and sweets show

No sooner had we  recovered from our cake coma, than we were indulging in the most tea-licious treats at  Food Society enjoying their Vodka High Tea. Would you just look at that fine specimen of a cucumber sandwich? One of the best I’ve ever eaten (and believe me when I say, I’ve eaten a lot of cucumber sandwiches!) Anyway, you can find all the delicious details here.

Vodka High Tea Food Society

Once it got to the pointy end of the month, we  took the birthday festival on tour to the Blue Mountains. If there was such a thing as spirit place, this would definitely be mine. No sooner had we arrived, than we hot footed it to the Three Sisters to see the sunset. This is mountain magic at it’s best.

Sunset at the Three Sisters

So July is a-coming and it’s my favourite month because it’s birthday season and  Christmas in July. There’s just so much fun to look forward to, I may well spontaneously combust with excitement! Oh, and don’t forget there’s still time to make your pinky promisewin a trip to New York and to enter my inaugural giveaway. Haven’t you always wanted to win some bling?!

Pinky Promise and a giveaway

What’s your spirit place? What’s the weather like where you are? What’s been cooking at your place? Tell me what put the joy in to your June…