Taking Stock – May 2019


I don’t know about you but I can’t believe that we’re half way through the year already! May went by fast and it was mostly full of fabulous with an equal amount of work, play and holidaze! Before I jump into June, I’m going to take a breath and take stock and remember the yay of May. I’d love it if you joined me! 

Feeling: A bit of PHB (Post Holiday Blues.)

Needing: Another holiday. Once you get back into the daily grind, it feels like you’ve never been away!

Missing: Hawaii, take me back!


Making: This Lamb Samosa Pie. It ticks all the boxes! 

Baking: Nigella’s Buttermilk Birthday Cake in preparation for our god-daughter’s 7th birthday party! This recipe never fails! 

Bookmarking: All the recipes I want to try in my pie maker.

Cooking: This month’s reader recipe Dharish’s Brown Lentil Dhal. It’s like giving your belly a hug.


Craving: Winter warmers and spicy food. 

Eating: Lots of curries – this Pumpkin Curry has been on high rotation.

Drinking: Coffee. I just can’t get enough!

Snacking: On grapes, my favourite!

Discovering:  A little bit of Canada in Neutral Bay – Poutine at Wingmill.


Trying: To get back into my 5:2 diet groove!

Watching: Killing Eve Season 2 on ABC iview and Dead to Me on Netflix.

Seeing: End Game and Aladdin. We take turns choosing movies, no prizes for guessing who chose what!

Loving: The Aladdin vibes at The Grounds of Alexandria – it’s like something straight out of Agrabah.


Deciding: To put ads on the blog. 

Starting: To write my story. 

Wondering: If I’ll ever finish said story or if it will ever see the light of day. Whatever happens, the words are better out than in!

Featuring: In Denyse’s series Women of Courage – feeling honoured and grateful. Thanks Denyse!

Choosing: Which of these  See’s Candies to eat first. In case, you’re wondering it was the Polar Bear Paw in the middle! 


Balling: My eyes out reading All the Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer.

Binging: On the podcasts – Over My Dead Body and Dr DeathThey’re both totally addictive.

Knowing: That The Tiger Who Came to Tea will always be one of my favourite books.

Admiring: Judith Kerr – such an incredible woman. I was so sad to hear of her passing but I love this interview .

Sharing: My ultimate SF bucket list – 35 Things to See and Do in San FranciscoCoit Tower is definitely one of my favourites.

things to do in San Francisco Coit Tower

Selling: All my CDs on Gumtree. Finally!

Noticing:  How much space we have now that we’ve sold the furniture we don’t need.

Coveting: One of those big pie makers on special at Aldi.

Resisting: The urge to buy another pie maker and feeling quite chuffed about it. 

Asking: Myself “what would a minimalist do?” and “Do you really  need that?”

Buying: This oodles doona cover – I couldn’t help myself! Clearly, I really needed it! 


Sleeping: In my own bed.  I think there is a direct correlation between doggy doonas and a good night’s sleep.

Listening: To the Derry Girls playlists on Spotify. BEST!

Borrowing:  Marian Keyes The Break from a friend –  I had forgotten how much I loved her books.

Reading: So many good books – here are some of my recent reads.

Remembering: My nana. She would have been 105 this year! I made her famous Bread Pudding in remembrance. 


Raising: Funds for the Cancer Council at Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Marvelling: At the awesome of Emma. She’s So Inspiring.

Getting: My hair did. My hairdresser is a genius!

Carrying: My shopping home in my Hello Kitty Hawaii bag!

hello kitty bag hawaii

Liking: The cooler weather.

Wearing: Boots and beanies by day and flanelette PJs by night!

Disliking: The election results.

Voting: I was more than disappointed with what was on offer but still  believe that democracy matters.

Catching: Up with Jo from And Anyways. Can’t believe we didn’t get a selfie but we did take pictures of our food. Of course we did!


Collaborating: With Annie from The Londoner in Sydney on a post about where expats settle in Sydney.

Running: Rings around Sydney.

Training: At the gym with Kathy. If it’s hurting, it must be working!

Smelling: The real roses at The Grounds and smelling the proverbial ones every day. Or trying to anyway.


Enjoying: Autmn. It’s perfect running weather.

Meeting: Stanley the Cavoodle and catching up with his hooman, the lovely Vicki from A Box Of.

Following: Stanley on Instagram.


Feeling: Very poody! (Like broody but for a dog.) 

Planning: A trip to Brisvegas. What should I see, eat and do?

Looking: Forward to the joys of June.

What were your May highlights? Is it just me or do you think this year is flying by too? 

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