Vodka High Tea at Food Society

It's no secret how much I love high tea. I would have high tea for breakfast, lunch and supper, if only my waistline would allow it. Moreover, high tea can be an eye opener as much a mouth opener, [Read More]

Breakfast at the Boathouse, Shelly Beach

I love to make breakfast at home, but I can't deny I love to go out for breakfast even more. Especially I love to go out to breakfast with friends. I may be almost Australian, but the English [Read More]

When Est. was best

We always have a special birthday dinner with a special set of friends. There's four of us, which means there's four times as much fun and four times as much deliciousness. Every single year on every [Read More]

Cronut O’ Clock

Once upon a time in New York City, a baker called Dominique Ansel  had the bright idea of making an artery hardening pastry that was half croissant and half doughnut. It was a pastry lover's dream [Read More]

Gelato Messina (AKA Gelato Heaven)

Thanks to Google Local, I scored myself a place at a Messina Gelato Class. Gelato Messina is the stuff dessert legends are made of. It's reputation precedes it. Messina is Gelato and it has been voted [Read More]

Eating Out – Bistro Niagara, Katoomba

Going to the Blue Mountains and not going for a bush walk, is like going to Paris and not stopping by at the Eiffel Tower. Bush walking is good, and more to the point, it works up a good appetite. As [Read More]

Eating out – Sakala

Halfway through our week in Bali, we decided to embark on a bit of a culinary adventure at Sakala.  As Bali Eats named it Bali's best new fine dining restaurant in 2011, the menu made our mouths water [Read More]