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What a Week!

Wowee zowee! What a week! On Tuesday we had the most excellent evening. It all started with dinner at Jamie's Italian where David beefed it up with Jamie's Italian beefburger... and we both [Read More]

Good Morning, World!

I can't say I love getting up early in the mornings, I just do. Early rising is rather a pleasurable habit to have in the land of Oz where the sun shines so much, it's  quite a treat to get up, out [Read More]

How Running Changed My Life

Running makes me happy. It's changed my life. A lot.  And all, for the better. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, that along with my thyroidectomy, it probably saved my life. While my surgery took care [Read More]

Presents in the post

There's been a plethora of pleasing post this week which has been a refreshing change from the usual pile of bills and boring bits. First off there was the letter from the Prof, wrapping things up, [Read More]

A Classic at Courgette

We were seriously salivating by the time we rocked up at Courgette.  It's earned the reputation of being one of Canberra's most gorgeous restaurants and has been awarded a hat by the Sydney Morning [Read More]

The Fun of Floriade

Today I finally get to go to Floriade - Australia's Premier Spring Festival. This is the 25th year of the event, and Canberra's Commonwealth Park is turned into a celebration of style and [Read More]

Capital Capers

It's time to be tourists and have some capital capers! There's plenty to keep us out of mischief in Canberra and our first stop is Capital Hill to check out the ultra modern Parliament House. It's [Read More]

Big Day Out

I'm up with the birds and off to the gym for Basic Training. It's all go! I'm a bit naughty and duck out 10 minutes early foregoing some of my least favourite exercises and do a 10 minute interval run [Read More]