Thermomix Chickpea Soup

Serves 4 This tasted just as good as I remembered from my Varoma demo. You can view the original recipe here. Ingredients 2 medium onions, peeled and quartered 20g olive oil 170g-200g [Read More]

A Fond Farewell

Today's the day. I'm going to see the Prof. It's been a year and a day (not that I'm counting!) since he took my annoyed thyroid and six months since we last met. As there's little else left in my [Read More]

Double Chocolate Shortbread

Makes 24 (+ 24) Bake a double batch of this dark 'n' delicious shortbread so that there's always some ready and waiting when you want to indulge! If you want to whip these up in your Thermomix, you [Read More]

One Year, No Thyroid

So it's official, I've survived a whole year without a thyroid! It's so hard to imagine that this time last year I was under the knife. It seems like a distant (bad) dream. So near to now,  but yet so [Read More]

Tuna and Sweetcorn Slice

Serves  4 This tasty open topped pie is delicious hot or cold. It's quick, easy and  I always have the ingredients to hand. I think tuna and sweetcorn is a marriage made in food heaven but let your [Read More]

Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake

Serves 8 I'm a bit of a chocolate loving paradox because I love eating chocolate but I'm not overly keen on chocolate desserts. I'm not overly keen on chocolate cakes either and I think it's [Read More]

Stolen Moments

Time has been in short supply of late and I've hardly done a bit of baking.  There's no doubt about it, my colleagues are hungrier and thinner. As a result, I  have taken to baking in stolen [Read More]

A Sunny Spring Afternoon

I wake up as if from a coma. It takes me back to the good old post-Operative days when I was experiencing the joys of hyperthyroidism (and I say that firmly with my tongue in my cheek!) I find [Read More]